Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) is a usually collection of business management software mainly groups of integrated applications that an organization can use to record, store, Analyze and interpret data from many business activities, such as:

 Multi-Layer Marketing ERP

 Inventory/ Warehouse Management

 Sales-Revenue Data Management

 Most Organizations use ERP as a tool to manage various aspects of their businesses.

We, Pi Technologies, Located at Indore Are Highly Focused in Development Through Our Deep Research & Analysis In Various Aspects Of Business So That We Can Simply The Things As Per The Requirement in Industries Which Will Help Them To Manage Their Business Smoothly & Smartly. We Have Produced Many ERP Solutions For Better Business Management So Far & Our Team Continuously Working On Different ERP Projects To More Simply The Business Activities. We Also Make ERP Projects On The Basis Of Different Case-Studies. So They All Are Customizable As Per the Requirement of the Clients. Some Of Our Major ERP Projects.

Ready To Deploy ERP software solutions Are:

 Biometric Attendance System:-Useful In School, Colleges, University & Hostels. Through Our Pi Biometric Attendance System Data Can Collected, Verified Through Fingerprint Scanner. This Would Help Institutions To Verify The Identity Of Students & Can Prevent Proxy.

Add-On Benefits:- SMS Service to Parents/Guardians In Case Of Absenteeism. Online Record of Student Data, Easy Management of Data.

 Digital Electronic Parking:- Useful In Parking Management. Developed for Metro & Semi-Metro City Traffic management. RFID based Parking System, Track & Collect Vehicle Data, and Highly Safe Entry-Exit. Revenue Collection, Time frame Database, Parking Space Management.

Add-On Benefits:- RFID based Tracking, Real-Time Data, Continuously Tracking, CCTV Footage, and Automated Parking. Punch-Card System To Save Material Human Cost.

 Student Assessment System:- Useful In University, School, and Colleges. Our Student Assessment System Provides Full Insight Of Student Record Related To Fee Structure, Student Profile, Library Record, Attendance Record & Any Other Record In Any Section.

 College ERP:Useful in Colleges and universities to keep the record of Fee structure, Student Profile, Exam Record, Bus Record, Mess Record , Library Record, Attendance Record, Performance Record and almost every kind of record which is necessary to have.

 School ERP : Useful in Schools and universities to maintain the documentation of Student Profile, Exam Record, Fee structure, Library Record, Bus Record, Attendance Record, Performance Record and approximately each sort of documentation which is essential to have.

Can Be Created On Demand Basis

 GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System:- Useful In Transport Industry, Taxi Industry & Personal Vehicle Management. In Our GPS Based Vehicle System (GPS Based ERP). We Provide Point-To-Point GPS Location of the Particular Vehicle. This Is Helpful in Tracking Big Business Vehicle Data Like In Transport, Taxi industry

Add-On Benefits:- SMS Service Related To Vehicle Location. Alerts on Different Routes or Wrong Routes of Vehicles. Average Fuel Consumption Data. We Are Developing Several Other ERP models related to Several Industries as on Demand Basis. Our Consultants Can Provide You Better Solutions For Your Business So That You Can Grow In Better & Smart Way. We provide best ERP development services in Indore & across the globe.

SAAS Applications software are in demand in current scenario as SAAS applications are automated and highly effective. It is possible because of the essential feature of cloud computing. Every SAAS application does automate updates for newer and useful features. Also SAAS applications provide cross device compatibility means- it can be accessed by any device without doing hardware or software installation. The device just needs to be suitable for internet access. This is the most powerful feature enabled by SAAS applications. It gives them immense power to easily cover the wide range of user base in a short period of time. And with SAAS applications, location doesn’t matter as it gives service remotely. You can access these applications via internet connect regardless of your location.

Pi Technologies on being ERP software Development Company in Indore is well aware regarding all these advantages of SAAS based Application Software and for that reason put into practice SAAS architecture in our developed ERP software applications to offer the abundant profit of possessing SAAS Applications through of our SAAS based ERP Software development services in Indore.

We are also aware about the SRS, software requirement specifications and have also put in practice before developing any ERP software application to develop a perfect ERP software application. We include all the necessary factors in our SRSs reports like onsite visits, questionnaires, surveys, interviews and ROI analysis as per current business environment of the client’s business.


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