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Android Oreo Go Edition - OS for Low End Smartphones

There are more than 2 Billion Android users worldwide and a number of low-end or budget android devices is very high. The userbase of Android in India is more than the US. Now Google wants to expand their reach and connect with these users with their Android Oreo Go Edition. The basis of Android Oreo Go is to create a lighter or optimized version of Android Oreo so that it can run fast on smartphones with less than 1 GB of RAM. 

What makes Android Oreo Go Edition run fast on the low-end devices?

Budget android devices have less RAM, internal storage, and processor so changes have been done in the Android Oreo Go Edition which made all apps of this OS 17% more faster. All of the Google apps are optimized, take less storage and consume less memory so it can work very well even on entry-level Android smartphones. Some most important changes are:

Android Oreo OS: There are some amazing optimizations has been done to the Android Oreo Go Edition such as improved data management, security features, storage improvements etc.

Lighter Google Apps: The dedicated lighter or 'GO' version of Google apps like Gmail, Google App, Google Maps, Google Assistant has been designed for low-end Android devices. 

Optimized Play Store: The Google play store of most used so Google made it very light. With this optimized Play store searching for apps will become very easy.

Apart from this, Google Chrome become very useful for data-saving as it uses Google Server to reduce the file size before displaying it into a smartphone. The conclusion is that Google optimized the OS and reduced the size of preloaded apps by optimization. Probably the smartphone with Android Oreo Go Edition will be launched in India first as a number of budget smartphones users are more than the US.


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