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Android P Developers Preview Launched With Awesome Features

After the Android Nougat, Google now launched the Android P Developer Preview . Yes it's now available for testing and i hope we it will have some new features that we are looking for. The beta version Android P is available to download but makes sure you have supported device which are Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel XL, or Google Pixel 2 XL. And within few months the developers will launch the final release.

The first developer's preview of Android P released on March 7th. This is an early version of Android 9.0, but it allows us to take a look at the functions that could be part of the final version:

Notch support

We have seen notch display firstly in the Iphone X but now you can also experience it in android. The Android 9 or  P beta version has support for different sizes of notches. There is an option given in the Android 9 developer preview where you can check & set notch preview from the developer's option & select "simulate a display with a cutout" 

Multi-Camera API

There are more and more multi-camera devices are being launched in the market every day. Android P features a  multi-camera API to allows users to access two different physical cameras simultaneously. With the help of this API, you can enjoy a seamless zoom and much better bokeh effects for taking pictures. Also, Android P provide new features for the camera like Session Parameter to reduce the time of taking a photo, API for display-based flash support, Support for the external USB & UVC cameras.

Restricted Access to Background Apps

To make Android P more secure and fast, there are also restrictions added to background apps such as Camera and Mic.

Improved notifications

Android P will support to show images, conversations, stickers, suggest quick answers in the messaging apps.

Indoor positioning

Google Maps are very useful and we use it in daily life but in indoor conditions, the map won't be quite useful. Android P feature support for WIFI IEEE 802.11mc for the more accurate positioning of the device. So, the apps can easily calculate the accurate position of the device. using the Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT) android p can estimate the distance between RTT-capable Access Points. This information will help the apps to determine device location within a building even when changing location turn-by-turn directions indoor.

Autofill in Browsers

In the earlier versions of Android including Oreo, Autofill don't work with browsers. Android P allows password managers apps to perform login info into browsers. After the integration of new code into the password managers apps and browsers to support autofill.

Apart from these highlights, you will see some very useful features added to the Android 9 like Messaging Enhancements, Lock Landscape Mode, Quick Screenshots, Battery percentage in the ambient display, Screenshot Editing, Intelligent Notification Channels, Modifiable LTE Signal Bars etc.


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