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Best Extensions for Magento 2017

Magento is the perfect platform to build an eCommerce website. Magento is an open-source PHP supported platform so it is very easy to modify the code and customize extensions according to your needs. Many websites of big brands such as Nike, Bazaar are built on Magento. It is SEO-friendly and developer friendly as well. You can perform complex operations using available extensions. Choosing a best Magento extension is not easy so here we are providing some best extensions for Magento that you can use to build eCommerce website for your client.

One Page Checkout

The easy check-out is the most important thing for any eCommerce website. There are six step for the check-out set by Magento for eCommerce website but if you want to make it more easy for customers to purchase the product than One Page Checkout is the best extension. With its auto-complete feature, it simplifies the checkout process.


Every eCommerce website needs a secure payment option to ensure the security of customer's money. The FontisSecurePay plugin features SecureXMl gateway to solve this issue and process transactions securely.


MatrixRate is the perfect Magento extension if you are making an online shopping store which has the reach to multiple cities and wants to set different delivery charges as per location of the customer. It provides features to help you decide the shipping cost of the product on multiple measures.

Zopim Live Chat

Live chat is the another most important feature for the eCommerce website because a customer left a website in seconds if they can't find desired product or information. Zopim Live Chat allows you to give an immediate response to the customers.


Every customer decides to buy the product after reading many positive reviews so it is an essential element for eCommerce websites. To provide genuine and trustworthy reviews to customers you can use Yotpo. It allows you to send email to the customers for review of the product. It is now one of the most used product review extension as it provides amazing functionality and features.

SERP Editor

SERP Editor is Magento extensions for SEO, you can add title, descriptions, and keywords on the particular page and provide a preview of how it will appear in the search results. You can improve Click Through Rate, for your online shopping store by adding simple and descriptive meta details with SERP Editor.


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