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Free Best Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Website SEO

Google released the Chrome browser in 2008 and it easily became the most favorite browser on the marketplace. Stats show more than 50 % of customers use Chrome on a regular basis.

Chrome has to turn out to be the world’s most well-known browser due to its speed and stability, but also due to new performance that was launched in 2010: The Chrome Web Store.

Although this new web browser ‘add-on’ strategy wasn’t the first in the industry, extensions have been a game changer that has permitted developers to make applications, themes and extensions for Chrome browser. This idea has the ability to add formerly unavailable performance to a Web browser and cross the chasm between a browser and a third-party program.

Chrome isn’t the only web browser to have additions; the two main competitive browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and more lately Microsoft Edge, have their own editions of add-ons also.

Extensions and stability are a huge part of why Chrome is the web browser of choice for SEOs. In this article, I will summarize five free Chrome extensions that I utilization on a regular basis that is beneficial for SEO.

1. Check My Links

Google dislikes broken links. Most SEO is qualified in the risk of the dreaded 404 error, even so, discovering broken links can be difficult, primarily in pages that have hundreds of words.

Check My Links resolves this concern. This amazing extension works against the presently loaded website and creates it easy to recognize any broken links or redirects.

It also has a useful feature to enable you to transfer content to CSV format for additional data manipulation or safe maintaining.

2. Yslow

Site overall performance is an essential ranking factor. So much so, that Google offers it’s own application to check the overall performance of your website: Page Speed Information. While Page Speed Insights is excellent, it’s fairly simplistic and doesn’t examine all aspects that can influence your website’s efficiency.

That’s in which Yslow arrives in. This great extension runs a wide range of tests in opposition to your website, and where this that are excels is the extensive data that are produced. Almost everything from DNS lookup desires, URL redirects, missing ends headers to the absence of a Content Delivery Network. It also offers specific advice on how to improve the speed of your website.

3. SEO Quake

This is probably the most helpful SEO extension in my collection. SEO Quake uses SEMRush details to deliver a powerful SEO tool proper in your browser. It offers details such as the date your page was cached in Search engines, keyword density, backlink information, basic technical website details as well as traffic research.

Basically, make a free SEMRush account, and you have a variety of SEO information at your convenience:

The other excellent feature that’s the aspect of SEO Quake is its plug-in with Google search. If allowed, it adds a sidebar that enables you to generate a SERP report and to transfer the Google search results to Excel.

SEOquake also has the alternative to offer SEO metrics after every SERP snippet. This creates it quick and effortless to see key analytics of the site/page, before simply clicking on a link. I use this tool every day.

4. Open SEO Stats

Open SEO Stats is a different highly useful SEO extension for Google Chrome. This tool offers a summary of the most commonly utilized SEO stats and offers useful details, such as backlinks, web server hosting location, traffic stats, on-page SEO research as well as page speed evaluation.

This extension allows you execute fast research of a website and is a genuine time-saving.

5. Moz Bar

Moz bar is one more must-have SEO extension for Chrome browser. This is a good extension to keep running in your Chrome plugin at all moments. It enables you to see the outstanding Moz metrics, such as Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) at a view:

The increased view adds a short of information to the top of Chrome web browser. This indicates your page authority and spam score will generally be visible in Chrome.

By simply clicking the toolbar via to the Moz website, you get an easy sign of the links to the web page and the specific Spam score.

I discover the Moz toolbar especially useful tool when lead generation for link building, to see the analytics of a potential link target easily.

Chrome genuinely is an excellent web browser for SEO. The speed, and outstanding support from the programmer community implies high-quality extensions for Chrome are easily available.

Even though Firefox has had add-ins for several years, and recently Microsoft Edge has also included similar features, Chrome has the finest choice and most regularly updated SEO extensions.

The five extensions detailed above can complement full functionality SEO tools. Mixed, these tools assist us to create better SEO.


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