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Free Plagiarism Checker Tools to Secure Website from Google Penalty

In the digital marketing era, Everyone knows that the content is king in term of SEO (Search Engine Marketing). If the website has well-written article then it will boost the chance to rank fast in SERP. But in terms of duplicate content, your website may be penalized by Google or it not can be rank in SERP. If you want to face this types of any issue in the website content then you need some effective duplicate content checker tools to neglect the duplicate content issue. In This article, we would like to share some most popular free or paid duplicate content checker/ Free plagiarism check tools which can support you to resolve the duplicate content issue for your website and also helps to boost the website ranking in SERP.

Here are the lists of most popular duplicate content checker tool/ Free plagiarism checker tools:-

1. Copyscape:- Copyscape is one of the most reliable and perfect duplicate content checker tool, which provide the detailed report for published and unpublished content against duplicate content concern. The tool search all types of content files likes PDF, Blogs, Websites, forums, article etc and find the duplicate content with website URLs from the content is copied.

The tool is free, but in the free plan, you can search already published content through the link. If you want to check an unpublished content then you need to buy it plan. The membership plan starts just$10 with 200 credits. 

If you want to deal with high-quality content on your website then you can integrate premium API into your website CMS and easily search all the article content inside your website or Blog.

2. Smallseotools:- This is my most favorite free plagiarism checker tool or duplicates content checker which provide easy to use the facility for all users.  You can paste the written content into the box and check the duplicate content easily. The tool provides how much content copied and in which website it copied.

3. Duplichecker:- In this best duplicate content checker list, duplichecker is another free plagiarism tool where you can easily check unpublished content for free of cost. In this tool, you can paste the written article or upload them. txt file to find the copied article content. The tool use google, yahoo and MSN indexer to find the duplicate content on the internet. 

4. Plagiarisma:- This is third one best free plagiarism checker tool to find the duplicate content. This tool provides 3 options that support you to identify the duplicate content issue. Using this tool you can check the complete text, published article post URL or you can use another option to check the content quality through upload the .txt, .doc, .rtf files. One another most important feature of the tool is that it supports more than 190 languages and the accuracy of the result is perfect.

5. Plagium:- Plagium is one of the best alternatives of Copyscape tool with having some advanced features. This tool permits you to paste an article content having maximum 25,000 characters. You can get the email notification if the article is copied and its work with Yahoo, MSN and google indexer for fetching the duplicate content. Want to check so long content then you can buy the premium membership plan with 60,000 characters at just $1 and another plan with 10,00,000 characters at just $10.

6. WorldEssays Free Plagiarism Checker:- This is an awesome tool to check duplicate text writing at free of cost because this tool offers free service with 100 texts per month when you have an account in WorldEssays.com. If you don't have an account then you can elect to check only 5 content per month. However, This tool supports you to scan either English or Spanish if you have such kinds of requirements. Use this better opportunity to find out the written article is original and unique to get the best rewards for your writing and time

We hope all these Duplicate content checker tools will support you to check published or unpublished content to secure your website or blog from a duplicate content issue. If you have other best and free plagiarism checker tools then share it with us.


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