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Free Website Analysis Tools for SEO

Website analysis is one of the most important parts for any website in SEO, which support you how to optimize the website and all its important factors according to google guideline for making the website search engine friendly.Its also support you to get ranking fast in SERP. Basically, there are so many SEO tools are available in the market place but in term of best website analysis tools which provide detailed information about your website all aspects which are mandatory in search engine optimization. In this post, we will share some most useful SEO analysis tool which helps you to find SEO issue and provide guideline how we can fix it.

Here are lists of top ratted website analysis tools:-

1. SEO Site Checkup:- SEO site Checkup is a free website analyzer tool which provides complete website analysis report in 6 different- different categories. According to website result, the tool generates a summary and score for the website.

Here are some details about the tool

* Common SEO Issue:- In this part, the tool provides wide range of SEO checks include title, Meta description, Keywords, markup areas, code text ratio, sitemap XML file, robots.txt file, SEO friendly URL and HTML Standard.

* Speed optimization:- In this section, this tool provides website load performance based on below points page size, server response time and website load time etc.

* Server and Security:- In this section, the tool identify a few important hosting and security characteristic of the website.

* Mobile usability:- In this part, the tool provides that the website is mobile friendly by providing a snapshot of what it looks like on a mobile device and other small size device and gadgets.

* Social Media:- This section provides the website social engagement with share counts for popular social media websites.

* Semantic Web:- This tries to determine if the website is using Google structured data like schema.org.

2. SEOptimer:- Seoptimer is a free site SEO analysis tool that analyzes given URL and present site optimization reports including all important elements in 7 different categories.

* HTML Header:- In this part, the tool shows the most import HTML elements e.g. Title, meta description, and keywords.

* Body Content elements:- In this section, the tool provide lists like heading, images etc.

* Internal and external links

* Additional files like sitemap XML and robots.txt file

* Social Media Signals:- This part shows the numbers of shares of the URL in google plus and facebook.

* HTTP Headers:- This section shows the HTTP response to the website URL.

* Domain & server:- This part shows the website response time, server response time, IP address and name servers.

3. Woorank:- It is another free and premium tool that provides an instant website review without premium account access but this tool allows limited numbers of SEO reports but you can also check previous website analysis report easily. The tool currently offers 7 days ultimate free trial which allows you to see ultimate reviews. If you think about its premium version then the plan start $49/month.

This tool provides reports in below sections likes:-

* Marketing Checklist:- This is one of the most important element parts for the website.

* SEO:- In this section, the tool provides complete SEO reports in below points likes website Title, Meta description, keywords, backlink counts, canalization, sitemap.xml. robots.txt, webmaster verification, analytic verification etc.

* Mobile:- In this part, the tool provides mobile views of the website, how its look like in mobile device and others small size gadgets.

* Usability:- If the website is user-friendly by passing below task likes a custom 404 page, fold content and google structured data markup.

* Technologies:- In this part, the tools investigate things likes W3c validation, website speed optimization and server response time.

* Social:- In this part, the tool provide your social media preference details for the website and how much time your website engaged in top social profiles likes facebook, twitter, google plus etc.

* Local:- In this part, the tool provides your website listing in local directories like google, yelp, yellow page, square page with review rating on the listing.

* Visitors:- It also provides approx measurement of visitors on the website according to many factors.

4. SEO Analyzer:- SEO analyzer is another one of the must usable website analysis tool which conduct complete SEO optimization report within few minute and also allow you to download the complete report in PDF format just click in download the report option.

The tool provides website analyze report in below factors

* Technical SEO elements like the preference of keywords in the heading, title, description, and images.

* Analyze website URL like dynamic or Iframe.

* Complete impact of social media shares.

* Total numbers of backlink on your web page.

* Total numbers of index page in google.

* Highly searchable keywords and their frequency.

* Particular page level SEO recommendations. Etc


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