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Google Ads vs Facebook Ads Tips for Effective Online Advertising for Your Business

Looking to advertise your company online? Or to advertise your business/products/services on the internet, which in convert help in improving sales/revenue for your business?  Then the apparent path you select is to tie up with Google Ads or Facebook Ads who declare to help in improving your sales/revenue.

But have you ever considered how can Google or Facebook help any company in improving their sales/revenue? Google or Facebook don’t sell any Company’s products/services straight & take income for doing so.

When you invest money on either Google Ads or Facebook Ads all they will provide you with in exchange is how many opinions they provided, how many opinions, how many clicks of the mouse, and to a level how many users (Leads) none of which are $$$ income. What is going on in the realm of on the internet advertising? Are we getting cheated?

 It is true that all spending budget that looks to spend cash on internet marketing are getting scammed. So what has occurred is these big internet marketing gamers have designed their own globe & made the whole globe believe in it & be seduced by its snare.

Google or Facebook won’t sell your products

Either Google or Facebook will offer your products/services, if you are an organization trying to offer your products/service then only you can maintain your product or support are traded. Google or Facebook cannot make sure revenue for your company. They can only help you in online advertising/branding

Nobody can give you sales in return for your Ad spending

In return for your marketing investing Google or Facebook can only provide you how many impact they provided, how many opinions, how many mouse clicks, how many newbies etc. & none of which are income or revenue!! It’s just a pricey number they call it statistics. Can Google or Facebook assurance how many sales/revenue they can produce for your Ad spending?? The answer is no, because they can’t, and in fact nobody can promise that. It’s a complete liability of an entrepreneur.

Advertising is only a marketing choice which will in some way effect on revenue, it will only have the oblique effect on the revenue. So as an entrepreneur what you need to do is consider advertising only as a marketing developing action, market your company wherever possible or wherever it's appropriate & cost-effective, don’t believe/consider statistics, clicks of the mouse, opinions, visitors etc. (because for example when someone says hey I have Millions of guests on this website, come & promote on my website, there is no assurance that anyone of that million of guest will buy your product)  So money on marketing is a finish threat that a Business Proprietor should take which may or may not give any outcome (sales) instantly.  It’s a finish bet you take & you may or may not get a good outcome (sales). But such wagers are valued getting & you should not think twice to take it because it will for sure help in your company item developing action.

Finally, as an Entrepreneur, you should invest money on marketing, but consider it only as marketing choice, cost all sites, weblogs etc. are good to market your company, achieve out to them & buy an Ad area in those sites. And if you wish to promote on this website.


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