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Google adds update voice search feature for 8 extra Indian languages

Google has declared the launch of voice search in 8 Indian languages to allow individuals use their speech for search concerns on the company’s leading search app and its keyboard app Gboard.

The 8 new Indian languages consist of Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam and Urdu. Before to this, Google’s voice search recognized only Hindi vocabulary in India.

It's presenting assistance for 30 new different languages today (on Monday), of which 8 are Indian languages. Worldwide, it now supports voice search for 119 languages,” Google Specialized system manager Daan van Esch informed reporters in a media briefing.

The upgrade, which comes out today, will demand the user to simply tap the microphone icon (usually on the home screen of Android smartphones) to get started the voice search.

Further, the new language assistance will improve voice typing on Gboard, supporting users to reply to emails on the go and send texts within messaging apps. To help voice typing, users have to install Gboard from the Play Store, select their language from the Configuration settings. and tap the microphone to give the voice command, the record added.

Starting on Monday, these new different languages will also be made accessible in Google’s Cloud Conversation API, that allows developers to transform audio to text. It will be quickly extended to other Google apps and items including Google Translate, the organization said.

To enhance the reliability of this feature, Google said it has worked well with native audio speakers to collect speech samples, requesting them to read popular words


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