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Google is likely to merge Android and Chrome OS


Considering the user base of users of android and play store, Google decided to extend the most used android features into Chrome OS. Chrome OS, on the other hand, proved its real importance in the market. Google doesn’t want to kill Chromebooks Instead, it wants to integrate the two powerful and effective operating systems to come together and enhance the user experience on laptops and PCs.Google has been planning to merge Android and Chrome for 2 years from now. This could be a good move to increase the users of Google play store apps on laptop or PC. Now There are millions of app available on Google play story, but because of the limitations they only be used in Android Phone. But with this evolution soon we will be able to use Google play store on your PCs or Laptops.
Google already revealed a convertible Android laptop, namely the Pixel C. This shows what would be coming next. We are going to see the next version of Android soon.
The upcoming market of Android OS is huge and the explosion in Android app users is a big reason for Google to upgrade the technology to meet the upcoming demand and stay a tough competitor in the market. Considering the numbers and the potential, it was essential for Google to move to the next level. This would be a great evolution in android technology.



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