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Google proclaims partnership with WordPress

Google has done revolutionary updates to the web and it keeps doing it. Another step towards the progress of the web has been taken by the Google. Recently, Google announced a partnership with Wordpress. In their mission to make the web more useful and user-focused, healthy, and vibrant, Google join hands with the topmost content management system WordPress. Without any doubts, it is going to be the biggest tie-up of year. 

Here are some most important intents behind this partnership

Make the WordPress faster 
As WordPress is already a popular and the most preferred CMS and some changes can make it perfect. So, Google has a special focus on improving its speed. Previously Google announced an update for search results to give priority to the mobile-friendly websites.
After the increase in the number of mobile users, Google launched updates like a mobile-first index to give higher rank to the website who are optimized to perform fast in mobile devices.

Another update called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to make site owners make a light version of web pages to improve website's performance in mobile devices.

Make the WordPress mobile-friendly
Google is promoting the adoption of mobile-friendliness via the open-source community. It will work with plugin development experts to make improvement in the technology. Currently, the web is still not as mobile-friendly as it should be. As very fewer websites are using the markup language and speed of the websites are a bit slower.

Being a leading and useful platform for the developers and non-technicals it has a great market share of all websites running on the internet. With the partnership with the WordPress, Google is going to fulfill their goal to make the web more advanced and faster. 

This announcement has been made in the WordPress developer events happened at the WordCamp US. There they announced that their goal was to engage with the WordPress community and improve the performance of the WordPress ecosystem. Google's focus will be on reducing the fundamental problems of the Wordpress CMS such as it's low performance on standards of page load and speed.


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