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How To Edit Sketch Files On Windows

A sketch is the most popular designing software which works on Mac operating systems.  Becuase of it's dedicated graphic design features it becomes the first choice for designers but it doesn't work on the most common operating systems like Windows. It's a perfect alternative to photoshop as most of the work become easy with its features and user-focus interface.

Rather than shifting to another os like Mac you can go with the Lunacy. Yes!! Lunacy is the best solution for people who want to use sketch files in the Windows operating system.  Lunacy is a free software that allows you to run sketch files in windows. Here you are going to learn how to use sketch files on windows:

You just need to go to icons8.com to download its trial version. After installing it into the windows you can view, modify, and export sketch files. This provides designers a better level of control of the workflow & flexibilities. A user can share sketch file without any worries about the type of operating systems. The best thing about Lunacy is that it doesn’t want additional syncing features or plugins.

Here are some highlights of Lunacy:

  • With the use of Lunacy, you can export HTML/CSS code from sketch files.

  • You can convert Photoshop files into HTML/CSS and you can find many for Sketch as well.

  • Working with the layers is very convenient because it allows you to inspect every layer and its size, color and dimensions.

  • There is also an option to develop the layers into CSS.

  • The efficiency and accuracy of Lunacy are very good which gives the experience of working with Sketch.

So if you rely on windows to do your designing works then Lunacy is what you need. There is no need to wait for the launch of the windows version. Some people use a virtual machine but it works slowly and covers lots of storage.


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