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Know About the Sarahah Android App and its Features

Sarahah is a website created by the developer from Saudi Arabia Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. He named it Sarahah, which means candor, and honesty. It has become very popular in very short time because it allows you to send messages anonymously. After registration, you got a link which you can share your friends or post it publically. Any person can send anonymous messages using via the link you have shared.

The receiver can't find who sent the message. The services started by the motive to allow employees to give feedback to the higher authority or employers without any fear of getting fired. After getting a positive response, a mobile app is also launched to expand its huge mobile audience. After getting a positive response, he also launched a mobile app to expand its huge mobile audience. On June 13 of this year, both its iOS and Android versions of Sarahah was also released.

Best features:

  • Unlike previews anonymous messaging apps, a user creates an account, produces a link and shares it with people on social media sites. Both users who are registered or not registered on Sarahah can leave a comment for the user anonymously.

  • The Sarahah not only provides all essential features for anonymous messaging but privacy features also. By default, you are set to don’t appear in search and non-registered users can't send you messages.

  • Sarahah provides more control to its users to the user to prevent misuse or cyber bullying which mostly happen with anonymous messaging services.

  • According to the website, the intention behind the app was to Strengthen the areas for improvement and enhance areas of strength. It could make drastic changes and improvement to make better professional environment if implemented everywhere.


  • The anonymous messaging is the convertible thing from when it has begun. Most of the people use it as a medium to threaten others. This kind of apps is used by cyber-bullies or frauds. Many Sarah users have reported the inappropriate or abusive messages.

Is Sarahah helpful to make good & beneficial changes?

In the beginning, an app got extensive attention & popularity overnight but Sarahah can achieve success for it's unique approach to anonymous messaging. Sarahah is not only an application for entertainment but a revolutionary app. The app can work in the both good and bad direction so people with good intentions can lots of benefits regardless at the workplace or between friends.


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