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Latest Feature of IOS 11 For Developers

There was lots of buzz about the IOS 11 since it is introduced on 5 June 2017. It is released publically on 19 September 2017 and also some updated provided to fix the earpiece noise. It came with the lots of user-centric design changes in interface and app features. Some important changes like bold fonts and more darker lines unlike the older version of IOS. Every element of IOS 11 is upgraded for the user-experience for sure. But, there are also some important changes has been made in IOS which every developer should know.

It is the most popular function of the IOS which manages user interaction such as voice and language recognition. Apple has improved the visual interface of Siri with the ability to translate phrases from English to Other languages like Frech, German, Spanish Chinese and Italian. This Sirikit allows other apps to interact with Siri. Currently, IOS 11 has the most advanced and intelligent version of Siri.  

Files App:
The Files App has been greatly improved in the IOS 11, It has a search function which allows you to easily find the stored contents. In the list of advanced features of Files App, the recent files section is very useful. You can also tag particular files in order to organize and find it in the future via using the added tag. The good thing is that now content including the app content, icloud, services like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive is available in the Files App.

Programmer Tools:
With the new powerful APIs, now apps can perform lots of tasks which never done before in the previous versions. IOS 11 included the API like ARKit and Corel.

Drag and Drop:
The Drag and Drop features came into existence because of multi-touch function. With the help of drag and drop feature, you can move single and multiple files by simply tapping, holding, and dropping a file to the desired location. 
By the way, the drag and drop features are very useful for everyone but its a lifesaver for people who spend hours in using multimedia files or often work with documents.

Augmented Reality Kit:
With this ARKit, developers can now add detailed functions and positional tracking features into the applications. It has abilities which allow developers to add information to the digital objects & environment close to the real world. Now IOS developers can create amazing augmented reality experiences for different devices. 

The embedded tools like TrueDepth Camera and Visual Inertial Odometry make this possible for the developers by following simple steps. The TrueDepth Camera collects information about the user's facial expression, topology, and position so it could be used in the creation of characters. Applying puppet effects to a 3D character becomes very easy because of the accuracy of True Depth Camera. If we talk about the Visual Inertial Odometry, it is basically used to get accurate motion view in the app. These tools use camera sensors to collect the data to merge it with the core motion sensor. 

Apple Store:
The Apple store is redesigned with the special focus to provide useful apps to users. There are two separate sections created for apps and games. The exclusive 'Today' tab provides popular apps for featured editors. This feature is very useful for a user to find latest apps and games.


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