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Lists of Free SEO Backlink Checker Tools

The Page Rank and Popularity of any website depending on the amount of back links that are coming through different websites. In many situations you need to check backlink to your website or blogs, for this purpose you need an effective and trustedbacklink checker tool. There are lots of websites are available that check backlink to your blog or website in search engine. Check backlink to your competitor website and build backlink on those websites is the best SEO Strategy because using these techniques you can make high quality backlink and increase your website rank easily. In terms of google 1 high authority backlink is much better than 20 low quality backlinks.

Here is the list of top SEO Backlink Checker tools:-1. Opensite Explorer: – Opensite Explorer is the most popular backlink checker tool from the SEOMOZ and using this tool, you can easily check backlink on a website or a blog.One of the best feature on this website is that you can easily analysis 2 websites backlink at a time. If you use free feature account, then you can check only limited backlink in a blog or website but you use a premium feature, then you can see all the website backlink where the backlinks are created. It is largest use able backlink checker tool in the world and many bloggers are mainly using the tool.

2. Backlinks watch: – Backlink watch is second most useable backlink checker tool in the internet.This tool is totally free with full backlinks report like URL, build URL, page rank, no follow, do follow attribute.Using this tool you can analysis your competitor backlink and download a competitor backlink report.if you want high authority backlink on your website then easily select best backlink by using this tool.

3. Rank Signals: – Rank Signals is another most popular and totally free backlink checker tool. If you want to check total backlink in your competitor website without paying fund, then this is the best tool for you because if you create an account in this website then you can find full backlink report with created link, no follow or do follow attribute, internal and external link with page rank.



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