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Microsoft Azure

Even when Microsoft Azure has taken a lot of people in its spell, there are still some, who are unaware of what it really is. This might sound weird to people who have gained a lot of help from it, but at the same time, some might be just waiting for someone to unveil the wonders of it.

So what is Microsoft Azure basically? It is an application platform, created by Microsoft, which is actually innovated for the public cloud. Azure is emerging rapidly into the industry by each passing day. In this piece of article, we will be sharing the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure, which will let you know about how wonderfully this platform can be the best ever IT management solution that you have always been waiting for!


Every platform has a set of components which combine to make it. However, even when there are various components of Microsoft Azure, management portal is utilized the most. Let’s take an insight to the various components of this wonderful platform and see what it has to offer you!

    Data Management Portal:

With the data management portal you get a variety of services like storage tables, storage blobs and SOL database and file services etc.

    Developer and IT Services:

With this package you get API management, visual studio, AZURE SDK and automation. It manages your IT issues with such perfection that you literally fall in love with this platform and Microsoft for creating it.


From Virtual networking t traffic management, there is nothing that you won’t get in the name of a perfect networking service package from Microsoft Azure.


From site and file recovery to proper backup, Microsoft Azure offers it all.


From media services to commerce ones, there is nothing that beats Azure. They work for you store and till your marketplace to make sure that all your matters are looked after properly.

From computing to management, from mobiles services to identity and access and from compute assistance to messaging and integration; it is all packed inside this wonderful platform for all of you.


Just imagine that you want to create a cloud application which can support a lot of different users and is also not in need of immense administration and never really lets you down. You need a platform that can help you do so, right? Nothing beats Microsoft Azure in this and it is better go through Microsoft Azure Training. It helps in building a wonderful web application for you which doesn’t goes down, supports users and also doesn’t demand endless administration. You just need to check Azure Web Apps for this and you will see how it works.

Microsoft Azure is a wonderful platform to get a great solution for your IT management problems and is remarkable for Cloud solutions as well!


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