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Most Useful Firefox Tools for Web Developers

Mozilla Firefox is the oldest browser that we are using and it is fast, efficient, and user-friendly as well. Some people say that Google Chrome is faster than Firefox because maybe they don’t know the genuine and useful features of Firefox. For simple browsing, it is just awesome and it is also being used by Web Developers across the in Web Development. Here are sharing some most useful Firefox tools for Web Developers.


  • Screenshot: We can generally use old Print Screen method or browser plugin to take a screenshot of the particular page. Taking a screenshot of a single element is difficult. To do it in less time, you can use CSS Selectors for this.  Press Shift+F2 or just go to Developer toolbar. Now you can select particular HTML element using toolbox buttons.


  • Select Colors from Webpages: You must have used Eyedropper tool is Photoshop to choose colors from template or images. You can also do it with the Firefox’s Eyedropper tool. Just Go to Toolbox options and click on Grab a color from the page. You can click on the desired place on the web page to pick color value. It is one of the best Firefox tools for Web Developers.


  • Disable JavaScript: We can a website good and useful when it works with the low requirement such low internet connection, the old version of browsers etc. Sometimes you need to test your website for the non-JavaScript environment. Open toolbox options and go to advanced settings then click on disable JavaScript. You can disable JavaScript for a particular session.


  • Preview Webpage on Different Size: A Web Developer needs to test a website for multiple devices and sizes as well. It helps to create a responsive website. You can use a Responsive Web Design View or just press Crtl+Shift+M.


  • Preview Webpages without CSS Styles: For readability purpose, we need to take a look at the website without any CSS styles. You can disable inline, internal, and external style sheets from the “Style Editor.” Just click on the eye symbol to disable CSS Styles on the page.


  • Scratchpad for JavaScript: If you want to run JavaScript on any web page, you can use Scratchpad. Open Developer window then toolbox options or just press Shift+f4.

 These are some most useful Firefox tools for Web Developers which makes Website Development easier. You don’t need to take help from web development soft wares to perform simple operations.

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