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Most Useful Tools To Develop Better Android Apps

App development is long-term process consists of requirement gathering, analysis, design, development, testing and the launching. A developer needs to keep thousand of things in their mind like the design and performance of the app, bugs, support and much more. This process should be more hassle free so they can develop better mobile apps.

We are sharing some most useful Android development tools which help you to build quality mobile apps in very less time.

JRebel for Android:

Before the arrival of this tool developing an android app was very time-consuming. JRebel for Android is powerful IDE plug-in increase the development speed. Android app debugging become a very easy process because of JRebel for Android. The compilation process is very fast as It is backed with the incremental Java Compiler. This works efficiently with the most common annotation processor libraries like Butterknife and Dagger2. The other useful features like Debugger integration, instant code, and resource updates, expanded supports for a different version, multiple choices of languages to write the app.


If you are looking for a tool to monitor the performance of your app then you should try FlowUp for once. The FlowUp is an awesome tool to track app performance on majors like FPS(Frames Per Second), disk usage, CPU Performance, bandwidth, memory consumption etc. You can track the performance of your android application with FlowUp to fix vulnerability and bugs to launch high-quality apps.


We often see that the app we are using suddenly stop working which happened because of the memory leak problem. The LeakCanary is a memory leak detection library built to resolve the leak memory issue on Android apps. It starts giving notification if any memory leak happens with the application. It reduces the time of finding memory leaks and provide detailed information of memory leaks so you can fix it quickly.


You can use DryRun to test-run online android libraries to build innovative apps. This tool allows you to choose from the wide range of choices of Android libraries.

There are also some tools which you can use to make the app development easy and less time consuming like GenyMotion, Android Asset Studio, Takt, Instabug etc.


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