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Top 5 Free Online Image Compression Tools

Images play an important role in any website. If anyone wants to develop an eye-catching website then you need HD images for the website but in term of website loading speed of the website, the HD images will increase website loading speed and also increase bounce rate, which will surely be harmful to the SEO of your website. After that you want to add HD images without losing the image quality and incresing the site loading time then we can comprise the image through some online images editor tools. So today in this article we would like to share some most popular image compression tools which are so helpful for you to reduce the image size without losing the image quality for the website.

Here are the lists of top 5 online image Compression Tools

1. TinyPNG

It is the finest free image compression tool online, It utilizes smart compression methods and reduces the image dimension quickly. It smartly reduces the quantity or pixels and colors of the pictures and decreases it to the minimal size . But It doesn't reduce the quality of the image, one could not identify between original and decreased image on the base of quality.

It only enhances, jpg and .png image files as of now.

2. Compressor.io

It is a highly effective and free online tool for decreasing the dimension of the picture or photos. It outcomes in a high-quality picture with no variation in quality. It is applied to compress the file size efficiently. It supports 4 varieties of file format. PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG. Of course, with the utilization of this tool, we can execute high compression.

It works compression in two types: Lossless and Lossy

3. Optimizilla

This online compression resource utilizes the combination of best optimization and lossy compression methods to reduce the image.the best aspect is that it reduces the image with the little time i.e we can decrease up to 20 images at a time and provides the best final result. It doesn't adjustments with the high quality of the image and you could also add a pdf file to decrease it.

4. Kraken.io

The online software arrives with pro and premium tool. There are several attributes available with this online application. The most important advantage is we can select what type of compression we want here, what is the dimension we need, resize the picture with this application by uploading the picture or pasting the URL.Thus, it offers an excellent way to reduce the image.

5. PunnyPNG

PunnyPNG is also one of the ideal and useful image compression tools accessible online. They also have a paid edition in which you could do lossy picture compression and can reduce 20 images at a time.it’s greatest for the blog writers and designers and is extremely recommended.

It supports only JPG PNG and GIF picture types.


In this article, we have provided top 5 image compression tools accessible online.Compressing images/pictures is very important in blogging as it impacts the search engine optimization of a site, not modifying your images will outcome in higher loading time and will improve the bounce rate of your website.

I would recommend you these top 5 Free Online Image Compression Tools to reduce images size online easily. If anymore have more idea about other image Compression tools then they can share the name and details about the tools in the comment box.


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