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Top Android Developer Tools

There are lots of benefits of being an Android Developer as it offers numerous opportunities for developers. Even a beginner android developer can build a basic android app and publish it on the Google Play Store. Currently, this open platform is being used by the millions of users worldwide. If you want to learn android app development then you can begin with android by gaining the basic knowledge of Java. The good thing is that there are also loads of Android developer tools are available that will make app development easier. These tools are increasing day by day and more effective so let have a look at some important tools to start creating your own Android app. We have listed top android developers tools which are IDEs, emulators, design tools and game engines.

Android Studio
It is one of the most popular tools which Android developers use and even a beginner also know about it. Android Studio is the official Integrated Development Environment or IDE for Android. The majority of developers are using this android app development tools to make intuitive android apps. The programming languages that Android Studio supports C++, Java, and now Kotlin as well. 

Android Device Monitor
It is also an Android development tool bundled with Android Studio which allows you to monitor your device. You can get information about the device like network stats, a number of processes are running on what thread, LogCat etc. It helps to test the performance of your app.

AVD Manager
The AVD Manager tool is included with the Android Studio and the AVD stands for Android Virtual Device. It works as an emulator to run Android applications on your PC. It is an essential tool for the Android developers as it helps to test your apps where you don't need to install apps on physical devices. With this tool, you can create lots of different emulators with different versions of Android, screen sizes, specifications. 

Android Debug Bridge
Android Debug Bridge is used in connection to root or modify the android device. With this tool, you can also send terminal commands to devices which are not rooted. Developers also use it along with the Fastboot to flash image to an android device.

Unity 3D
Unity 3D is basically a game engine and IDE used in cross-platform game development. It comes with numerous features for game development. This tool can be also used to create VR (virtual reality) apps for more than 25 Virtual reality platforms like Cardboard, Google Daydream, Android TV and many more.

Unreal Engine
It is also game engine used to build full-featured cross-platform games. Unreal offers great support for Android. 

This android development tool is used to create apps using your phone or tablet as well. It also supports to test apps on that same device.

These tools are the most popular but the list of Android development tools can be extended as the various tools are available. There are also some tools are available like Visual Studio With Xamarin, Eclipse, GitHub, PhoneGap,  IntelliJ IDEA, Cordova etc.


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