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Top JavaScript Frameworks in 2018

JavaScript is an integral part of websites and its popularity rising rapidly. JavaScript is also the most preferred platforms for Front-End Web Developers. JavaScript allows developers to add dynamic content to get accomplished in a webpage. The unique features of JavaScript made it the famous and it is also completely embraced by every web browser. To make everyone know about the most useful Javascript frameworks We have take suggestions from the developers to create a list. If you are still unsure about the beneficial JS Frameworks then our List of Top JavaScript Frameworks in 2018 will definitely help you to understand your priorities.

This is the most popular JavaScript framework which web developers are currently using to build high-performance web applications. Some developers find difficulties to choose the right version of Angular JS according to their project requirements. You can avoid these difficulties by simply choosing the version of Angular JS by measuring how big your project is.

Meteor JS
Meteor JS is being widely used to build mobile and web apps and it can be also very useful to do back-end work as well. It allows developers to generate cross-platform code for mobile devices and rapid prototyping. With the Meteor JS, a front-end developer can easily work on the back-end as it gives the flexibility to use one language universally.

Node JS
Node.js is an open source JavaScript framework used to develop server-side applications. Node JS is basically a server-side proxy which can handle a large number of connections concurrently. Node Js is very useful especially when you want to collect data from multiple source points.

ReactJS is another useful JavaScript framework maintained by Facebook. With React JS you can create interactive UIs for websites. With React JS, Developers can create big web-applications and simple views for applications and also perform very well in SEO.

Ember JS
Ember.js is an MVC architecture pattern based, open source JavaScript framework used to develop web applications. Ember.JS framework allows you to develop web applications within a very short period of time. There are so many reasons why developers prefer Ember.Js in their web development projects such as you write very less code as Handlebars integrated templates update the code automatically when any changes made by the developers

Polymer JS
The Polymer is powerful JavaScript framework developed by Google which provides features to create custom elements. These features allow developers to make custom elements easily. After facing the bugs the, the high-quality material design components added to the Polymer JS.


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