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Top Rated Analytics Tools for Analysis Overall Website

Analytics are essential for obtaining out what’s performing and what’s not performing on your site. In short, they permit you to see user reviews at scale — via users’ genuine clicks and activities. This is important for improving your site’s UX, and in convert, conversions.

However, when it arrives at increasing user experiences, there’s no particular tool you must be using. It’s like indicating “What tool is best for preparing?” In the situation of UX, there’s no individual answer, and there are a lot of tools that you can select from to assist you to analyze UX.

Often sufficient, it needs a mixture of tools.

In this post, I’ll round up the most effective analytics tools to support you evaluate and optimize your user activities. I’ll also guide a few guides that you may find valuable along the way, to assist you to get started with these tools.

Website Usage Analytics

Let’s start with web analytics. These tools are most powerful at calculating key analytics like conversion rates, bounce rates, customer demographics, user behavior, most seen web pages and much more. We generally use these tools for customer research and to recognize areas with weak UX, but we can also use them as a going board for functionality testing and A/B testing later on.

Google Analytics

It is the Old Trustworthy when it arrives at tracking and evaluating how customers are behaving on your website. You can see, cut and filter 100s of data points, from bounce rate to exit rate, to average alteration rate to conversion benefit. It also includes your channel, assisting you to identify the loops, drop-offs, and significant UX flaws.

It’s also beneficial for user analysis, assisting you to recognize the who and why, as well as the in which. It’s an amazing way to get started out with analytics, particularly when its providing is rather nice for a free tool.

Adobe Analytics

When nothing evaluates to Google Analytics in terms of quantity of users, Adobe Analytics is, on the otherhand, an impressive choice within web page and app analysis tools. It enables you to search strongly for the large amounts of created data, featuring factors like customer segmentation, real-time evaluation rules, promotion analytics, and a host of dashboards. Adobe Analytics is a reasonable tool for knowing what’s occurring on your website, and the user interface is much less scary than Google Analytics.

Heatmap Analytics

This analytic show an aggregated summary of visitor activity on your website by calculating user clicks and user movements. They can provide information on whether site visitors are realizing important CTAs or statements, or no matter if your forms and navigations are performing successfully.


It is a hybrid of Google Statistics, Adobe Analytic and Hotjar. It offers real-time analytics, enabling you to see specifically what’s occurring on your website as it’s going on. It also provides heatmaps, click maps, traffic records and much more, but with a target on what’s happening right now, so that you can respond quickly to huge amounts in traffic or a quick drop in conversion rates.


In obtain to optimize your website’s UX for highest possible conversions, you want to know how your web page is getting used, and by whom. Here are the lists of most popular website analytic tool which provide complete website analytic reports and performance how the website performing.


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