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Top Websites to Download Free Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great option for people who don't like to read books to study or know something new. Most people use audiobooks to revise what they already read the books. It helps a lot to remember and strengthen much more information. If you are searching for a website where you can find a great collection of free audio books then you are on the right way. Today, We are sharing the list of top websites to download free audiobooks.

This website is a non-profit source which offers a great collection of free audiobooks. You can download free audiobooks, music, from the more 300 billion, archived web pages. You can also search and listen to the desired audio file from the appeared list. Here most popular and downloaded items are categorized so that a user can easily find the interesting audio books.

This website has a collection of more than 49000 educational audiobooks. You can listen to lectures and educational podcasts. & get different kind of interesting audiobooks categorized as Business, Arts, and Entertainment,  Travel, and sport. You can search for the desired audiobooks using filters to get results according to Alphabetical, Online Audio, Popular,  Author Name,  and users rating.

Project Gutenberg
It is the best and biggest site which offers free public domain books for users who want to read and listen. There are two main categories which are books read by computer-generated voices and Human-read audiobooks. 

Open Culture
You can find here the best educational resources for free. This website has a huge collection of famous audiobooks available in different file formats. These books are alphabetically categorized via author's last name & genre. There is also an option available to find the audiobooks from genres like non-fiction, Poetry & fiction. The best thing is that the books from the great authors like Tolstoy, Hemingway, Twain, and Woolf are available.

It offers books in the form of episodes and a chapter can be listened by iTunes. The specialty of this website is that it provides serialized stories that can be downloaded easily. 

You can find titles to listen to at Librivox by searching by the audiobooks of this site are categorized and curated by the volunteers. The finest audiobooks are provided after volunteer find it interesting. Here search can be performed according to the title, author, language, & the most recent additions to the website.


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