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Top features of Android Nougat

Everyone is excited about the latest version of Android which is Android 7.0 Nougat (also known as Android N ) and it is becoming popular day by day. In the marshmallow which is released in October 2015, includes updated design and multiple impressive features and improves. Currently, Android N is only available in some Nexus phones such as Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Nexus 9, Pixel C tablet. It adds lots of major usability improvement over the marshmallow. As you always expect, Nougat is come up with user-oriented functionality, improvement, and features. Here are the top features of Android Nougat:

Split Screen Mode: It is quite difficult to management multiple windows in the all previous versions of Android. You need to minimize all windows to select between multiple windows. This part is tough so Android N solved it with Split Screen Mode and it also works with landscape mode. An app developer can set the height of the window size. You can do a lot of things with features like you can listen and change the soundtrack with reading from the internet or any document concurrently on the same screen. It enhances user experience and makes Nougat very useful and that is why it  is the most useful feature from features of Android Nougat.

Improved Notifications: This version has lots of improvements; the smart notification area is one and the most important of them. Android Nougat offers three kinds of notification views which are: The super compact view that covers a very small area of the screen, lock screen view that contains more information and the last shade view that includes quick actions. You can give a quick reply to any notification without opening it. This is very time-saving and useful feature that make Android Nougat more interesting and user-friendly.  You can even choose to show notification silently, block all notification or don’t silence of block. From the app setting page, you can control notification more easily.

Improved Settings: The setting menu now includes advanced features and completely renovated. You see an alert at the top of the screen which contains suggestions to make necessary changes on the phone that not yet done. The list view for each setting provides information to check data usage, storage capacity or Wi-Fi network and much more.

These are also the important features of Android Nougat

  • With keyword themes, you can change color, remove border between keys and set a photo on the background of the keyboard.
  • Enhanced graphic performance
  • Updated set of emoji
  • VR virtual reality mode
  • Data save that allow you to disable the internet access of background apps when mobile data is active. It helps to save your data and battery power.
  • You don’t need to download the updates manually because the updates will be downloaded in the background and installed automatically when you restart your phone.
  • You can open two browser windows of chrome at once with Multi-window Multitasking.


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