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Useful Android Apps For Designers

Smartphones and apps have changed the way of people work. You can book movie tickets, pay your bills, chat with people, shop online and much more. People using apps to reduce their time to complete the work and save time for other activities. So, designers can also use it perform a different kind of work to expand their creativity and design something amazing without wasting so much time. What if a designer can use design and creativity tools on their smartphone. These Android apps can be used to get sketching ideas & creating new designs and more. Today we are going to share the list of useful android apps for designers

Did you know that the tools that designers use regularly can be also on Android devices as well? The list of will begins with the popular photo editing tools that you mostly work with it.

Photo Editors:
Pixlr Express: It's a great online photo editing tool which also available for Android devices. It provides different image tools and utilities. This image editing tool allows you to quickly resize, crop and edit any picture. With this Pixlr Express app, you can select from millions of free effects, borders, and overlays to use in your images. 

Adobe Photoshop Express: It is the best tools for photo editing. It allows a user to make a collage and perform powerful editing on mobile devices. This tool gives you versatility and power to pick any photo in the collage to edit in your own way. It is also very easy to change effects and lighting in Adobe Photoshop Express.

Afterlight: If you want to perform quick and candid editing then the Afterlight is the right choice. This user-friendly app is the combination of powerful tools & the perfect image editing app as well. This app provides Cropping & transforming tools, Adjustment Tools, Filters, Textures, FRAMES etc.

The PicsArt Photo Studio and Snapseed are also the best professional photo editing apps.

Every designer's most important tool is Color Palettes. Here we are sharing also sharing some of the color selection related apps.

Color Grab: It is basically a tool that is used to detect colors. With this tool, you can select, capture and identify colors.

Color Pal: This tool is very useful for web designers. You can easily find color schemes and palettes. 

If you need some apps to work with sketches then you can use 

ArtFlow: It is a free app with approx 80 paint brushes, fills, smudge and eraser tool. You can sketch your imagination right into your mobile screen with Artflow. Tools such as pressure sensitive pens changed it into real canvas.

Paperless: This app is made for people who have to deal with sketches or create different sketches. Apart from the sketches, there are also some paint tools available which allow you to paint with a feather, watercolors, pencil, and brushes.

Adobe Illustrator: It is already popular among graphic designers so the Android app worth install. With this tool, You can create high-resolution vectors and layers to use it in illustrator or photoshop installed on your PC or laptop.


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