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Web Traffic Rank and Link Analysis Tools


Web rank tools are the tools that help you to identify that the traffic is coming to your website or not. These tools are very effective and useful to make different strategies in the process of SEO. The tools help you to analyse the performance of your website. It is very necessary to have a proper analysis of increasing or decreasing in traffic on your website. It also allows you to keep track and monitor web traffic.These tools give you the right direction to know about the website traffic. It tells you that which keywords are more profitable and on which keyword you need to work and which keyword is generating more and quality traffic to your website. It also helps you to monitor whether the traffic is coming from quality or not. It is very important to know that a good and right traffic is arriving to the website. The traffic should be such that convert into the sales for your website. It also helps you to improve the percentage of prospective customers.
It is very essential to learn about the tools that are available. Every tool has its own unique features. There are a number of tools available, but identifying the best tool is very crucial as it will provide you the correct information and help you analysing the traffic on your website. Below are some tools that will help you in analysing and identifying the traffic on your website.
Google Analytics: It is the free and powerful tool provided by Google to analyse the website traffic on your website. It generates the detailed statistics of the visitors to your website. Google Analytics is the simple and effective tool and is the most appreciated tool by the web analysts. The statistics will guide you to make the further strategies of SEO that would be beneficial to improve or increase the traffic of your website. From the statistics you can find out from here your visitors are coming from, how many times they visit, what is the stay time of the visitors, what are they searching for on your website, how often they come back and many more.
It will give the more detailed report of your website stats. This tool is very helpful for the website to earn more traffic and increase sales of your website. Google analytics is user friendly, reliable and the most popular among the web analytics.
Yahoo Web Analytics: It is the free tool provided by Yahoo to analyse in depth about the website traffic. It works similarly as Google analytics do with the additional & effective features. Yahoo analytics provide more depth to your survey for your website. It gives you the best access control options. It is user friendly and provides the deep information about your website.
Yahoo analytics have the following features that makes it unique and effective tool of traffic analysis.
• Raw and real time data collection
• Multi-site analysis
• Visitors activities and behaviour
• Demographic reports
Yahoo also has a special customized option that will give you more deep knowledge of your website ranking. Yahoo analytics is stepping ahead of Google analytics. It is very useful for the web analysts who are looking to dig deeper on their website.
Alexa Traffic Rank: Alexa is another famous tool to find the rank of the website. It generates the world wide rank, country rank and the site linking of your website. Alexa Tool allows you to see the traffic on the website of your competitors that will help you to analyse the level of the competition in the market. Your Alexa traffic rank should be less in figures. The smaller is the traffic rank; it is good for your website. The best websites have the smaller Alexa traffic rank. Alexa also show the traffic rank of your country and your website site links. In country rank, the traffic rank of your website in your country is shown like traffic rank in India (IN), Australia (AU), United States (US), etc. Site linking is the backlinks that are made in the process of link building in SEO.
For Example: The world wide traffic rank of Google is 10, Traffic rank in India is 1 and its site linking is 31,357. This shows that the more the quality backlinks are made the best is the website traffic rank. Therefore, we can say that Google is the most popular search engine in the world as well as in India.
Google Rank Signal: Google rank signal is the effective and reliable tool for the traffic rank analysis. It has many unique features that are very useful for the survey for your website. It gives you various details about your website such as unique and total backlinks to your website, page rank, Alexa rank, ad Planner traffic estimates, and many more. These all are very important to know about your website. Rank signals also allow you to see the competitor’s traffic ranks and backlinks. This is very important to have the follow up of activities of your competitors. Rank signal allows you to follow the backlinks of your competitors. It gives you all the details about your links made for your website. How many are unique links, good links and bad links of your site, this can be seen with the help of a rank signal tool. The unique links will give you the competitive advantage over the competition. This also increases the traffic rank of your website.
For Example: The google page rank as per rank signal is 7, total backlinks: 215,264, unique backlinks: 30,752, Alexa rank: 11. Except these you can check all the backlinks that google has made. You will able to estimate its traffic and many more. So Rank Signals is a very effective and remarkable tool for the analysis of your website traffic rank and backlinks.
The above tools are very essential to use for the website. It provides you the guidelines and the direction to make the most effective and useful strategies for your website. It is very beneficial and useful for the SEO techniques. These tools help you to improve and increase the traffic rank for the website. One should use all the tools for enhancing their business.
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