Top Websites to Download Free Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great option for people who don't like to read books to study or know something new. Most people use audiobooks to revise what they already read the books. It helps a lot to remember and strengthen much more information. If you are searching for a website where you can find a great collection of free audio books then you are on the right way. Today, We are sharing the list of top websites to download free audiobooks.
This website is a non-profit source which offers a great collection of free audiobooks. You can download free audiobooks, music, from the more 300 billion, archived web pages. You can also se....

Top 5 Gmail Plugins to Give a boost to Your Inbox

E-mail, fast messaging, and cell phones give us incredible interaction capability, but due to the fact we stay and work in our personal little worlds, that communication is completely unorganized.

According to a latest survey from Adobe, organization experts spend roughly six hours a day participating to e-mails.

If you are an business owner, small business owner, or any sort of business pro, possibilities are you invest more time than you’d like working with your regularly crammed inbox.

Due to the fact of how e-mail-centric most workplaces have turn into, successfully handling e-mail marketing communications is a must. E-mail is utilized to connect wi....

Best WooCommere Plugins for WordPress

WooCommerce is a very popular WordPress eCommerce plugin that every developer prefer to use. According to the surveys, millions of sites are using Woocommerce, which is approx 43% of websites in all over the world. It user-oriented features make it the first choice to build ecommerce website and apart from the features, you can also take the advantage of its plugin support. There are thousands of WooCommerce plugins available to use it your website.

We have selected the best WooCommerce plugins for WordPress website to take your online store to the next level.

Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

This plugin allows to add tabbed navigation in ....

Facebook Marketplace Launched for Buying and Selling Locally Feature

Facebook is the spot where individuals communicate, promote, and even do business. Yes, over the past few months, the social media huge has launched some features focused at building the platform much more productive for buyers and sellers. Now, to develop that idea more clear, the firm on Monday launched a new feature, Facebook Marketplace for in your area buying and selling products.

Facebook Marketplace will be proven as an symbol in your Facebook app. It will enable users to see all items offered for sale and buy in the neighborhood location. The function will also let you search for particular products locally.

Find out Items for Sale Nearby You

SQL and NoSQL Database Differences Explained

There are only two types of databases, Relational and Non-Relational or you can say, developers, mostly use either NoSQL and SQL. Things that made them different are a type of information they save, how they are built and the process they use to save information. With this article, we’ll explore the major difference between SQL and NoSQL.

You need to know that the relational database table organizes structured data fields into defined columns, unlike the  Non-relational database. If we talk about the SQL, It's a Structured Query Language used by database builders to create relational databases. SQL is a lightweight language that does perform heavy....