Google adds update voice search feature for 8 extra Indian languages

Google has declared the launch of voice search in 8 Indian languages to allow individuals use their speech for search concerns on the company’s leading search app and its keyboard app Gboard.

The 8 new Indian languages consist of Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam and Urdu. Before to this, Google’s voice search recognized only Hindi vocabulary in India.

It's presenting assistance for 30 new different languages today (on Monday), of which 8 are Indian languages. Worldwide, it now supports voice search for 119 languages,” Google Specialized system manager Daan van Esch informed reporters i....

Best Podcast for Designers

Designing is a very creative and interesting field that allows you to express your thoughts through a design. It could be a minimal movie poster, graphic art or a professional design of logo or website. You should have in-depth knowledge of colors, the arrangement of elements, and latest trends also. By creating the design according to latest trend will keep you ahead of competitors.

So, every designer should try to learn something new which can be also done simultaneously with the help of podcast. You can listen desired podcast during the work. We have created a list of some best podcast for designers so they can create beautiful and eye-cachin....

Why is Laravel Better Than CodeIgniter

Laravel is popular open-source modern web application Framework created by Taylor Otwell. It is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern to enhance the web development process. It was launched on June 9, 2011, and got 14 version upgrades after the launch. Laravel was built to reduce the number of errors and time-consuming processes which developers mostly face during the development of the website. It provides better security and fast database migration without any data loss.

Why is Laravel Better?

Laravel has unique features which make it better than Codeignit....

Best PHP Frameworks 2017

PHP is the most favorite choice among the web developers when they need to build a complex website. To empower the website with numerous features and functionalities, a latest, organized and scalable framework is essential.There are many types of PHP frameworks are available that you can choose a desired one according to your development needs. A PHP framework is built to reduce the extra efforts and time-duration of website development. 

We have picked some best PHP frameworks for your Web Application Development needs.

Laravel: Laravel is the best PHP framework that helps developers to build large scale web applications. It'....

Quora Features and Advantages

Quora is question-and-answer website or platform. Here Qu stands for question and ora is the short form of or answer. We use the internet every day to online shopping, social networking, chatting, watch movies, learn new technologies. For most of the internet users, it's like a guide or the place where they can find answers of all kind of question. And of course, it's the best place to find answers without going anywhere. Some question and answers sites are playing a great role in helping users to ask anything and find answers. Like every successful website, Quora become very famo....