Advantages of mobile friendly websites

Present market is of Mobiles. Mobiles surfing is increasing day by day and hence the market of mobiles too. On that note it is a must have or necessary step to take in action is to make websites optimized for mobiles. It is necessary because of a number of reasons for which people use mobile phones in present date like for taking pictures, selfies, sending mails, social sites usage and last but not the least for internet surfing for their varied needs.

So decision of making mobile friendly website is a good decision and the advantages you will leverage from mobile optimized webiste are as follows:-

Enhances Use....

Top 5 Most Useful Wordpress Plugin for SEO

WordPress is most like website, making platform and many websites are running successful in this platform. Because WordPress provides lots of features for making an attractive and responsive website according to your requirement. If you have any website in Wordpress and want to do so in your Wordpress website then it is so easy for any WordPress website because there are lots of Wordpress plugin are available for doing SEO and increase your website rank and traffic. But you want most powerful and popular SEO plugin, then in this article we will target on some top ratted SEO plugin that can help you for doing better SEO for getting high traffic and rank in search engines.

How to Setup Google webmaster tool for your Business website

If you have a website and you are really serious about tracking search engine traffic and preference on your website, then you need Google webmaster tool because using to this tool you can find all the things about your website like search appearance, search traffic, Google index, crawl, security issue and other resource. Google webmaster tool is free of charge software that can help you understand what’s going to your website. It’s is a most popularGoogle tool. If your website has some error then Google really want to send a massage regarding your website issue, then Google contact yo....

How to Add Alt Tag in Blogger Images

Blogger is the biggest blogging platform and many blogs are running in this place. Because blogger provides free blogging facilities with all latest features. Blogger is the free Google tool for creating free blogs. If you are a blogger and have any blog on this platform and you want to do SEO in your blog, then you need to add the ALT Tag in your blog image. ALT Tag is so important element in your blogger because it boosts your site rank and increases your website traffic. When you write something to your blog post, then you need an image for make attractive blog post, then you need to add ALT tag in your blog post because it improve your site rank and traffic. One other benefit is that ....

How to Create System Restore Point in Windows 10

A number of new features are present in Windows 10 along with the features which were present in older versions of Windows. Windows System Restore is among one of those feature. Windows System Restore Point is useful in many aspects which includes tracking of installations of softwares, changes in driver and updation of software and aids to restore computer to earlier date (In previous condition) if any problem occur because of the mentioned activities .

On that note it is always necessary to have a backup of it in order to avoid any kind of issues after the installation of certain softwares and application.  And we can back it up with windows system restore point.