Apples confirmation for opening development center in Hyderabad

Now, Apples officially confirmed opening a new development center in Hyderabad in Andra Pradesh. Apple is a computer technology giant and very excited about spreading in Indian market. After seeking the slow growth in china, apples decide to strengthen their campaign in India.

In a statement company confirmed that it is willing to expand its operation in India. According to the report, it is going to open a new development office in Hyderabad. With this new office over 150 employees will be working there. This office will also have some space for the contractor willing to support it campaign here.

Apple is also going to bring its own branded store in India. Tim Cook th....

How to track lost android phone with Android Device Manager Part 2

In the previous part How to track lost android phone with Android Device Manager – Part 1, We learnt how to set android device managerHow to Remotely Track the Lost Phone, How to Detour the Lock Screen . In this section we will learn How to Remotely Ring Your Device and How to delete all data.

How to Remotely Ring Your Device

You can also ring your device after you have done with locking of your device with new password. As soon as you ....

How to track lost android phone with Android Device Manager Part 1

Mobile phones are the prime source of communication in present date. It is impossible to think of a day without mobile phones. But along with the increased technology the chances of thefts are also increased. On that note question is that how can we find those lost devices? How can I find my android phone? Is there any way to find the lost devices? If you are also searching for the answers of the same questions then this post is for you.

For all android users, android device manager is the committed tool by the help of which one can track lost phone.  You can download Android Device Manager from Playstore if you don’t have i....

Protect Your WordPress Website with These Simple Tips from Hackers


WordPress is one of the best and well-known platforms for various types of website needs. A number of WordPress blogs and WordPress websites are running smoothly over this platform with a number of enriched features including customization, great accessibility, cost efficiency, number of plugins, and a strong community support. And that is the reason for which it is also known as the one of the best Content Management System among a number of CMSs present online.But as we all are aware about the fact a number of hackers are present in this online world to hack the websites and steal confidential and important data of any organization. So at that time it is also necessary ....

Interesting Facts About Facebook To Know

Facebook a social media platform on which almost every second individual posses a Facebook Account. Almost all of us use facebook a number of times in a day. But do you all know that there are some interesting facts about Facebook from which you are unaware. So check the out the following facts about facebook which are enough to put you in a surprised situation.  

  • On an average, Everyday approximately 600, 000 hacking attempts are made to Facebook Accounts.
  • You can’t block Mark Zuckerburg on Facebook as it shows an error when you try to do so.
  • More than 30 million users update their Fa....