Three most effective ways to create a profitable online business

Do you think making an impression in the online world is difficult? Yes indeed! But there are solutions for every problem. After analyzing various websites and businesses we come to the conclusion that making an effective online business takes time and energy. If you want to know the most effective ways to online success, then here are the three that proved their importance over time:
1. Build a Niche – Building a niche is very effective, because with a good niche you can easily target your market. If you are expert in doing something then you certainly need to build a niche. Building a niche helps you to make your brand. As you move on with your niche you build consi....

Amazon Tough Way Ahead

India is the fastest growing market in the world & with having second largest population in the world the potential of market of India can easily be determined. E-commerce is something new to India but having around more than 20 crores mobile users & 11 crores Facebook & Internet users make India a country with potential to E-commerce market.
Brick-n-Mortar business model rooted to ancient ages in Indian market but Digital market is what young generation of India shifting to. With increase in technology & use of internet this is what is inescapable. Indian e-commerce market was of $14 billion dollars in 2012 & growing at the pace of 8-10% annually. It is estimate....

Importance Of IT In Developing India

India as we all know is a developing country since independence. we emerged as an highly motivated growth based economy mainly focused on large household trades. In the era of Globalization & liberalization in early 90s, India saw a new field of development which was introduced from elementary level. This era is known as “Information Technology”. Since 90s we have emerged as huge super power in terms of IT development which becomes very important part of our economy & its growth fraction as in terms of GDP.....

How To Start An IT Company Part 1

IT Market In India Made A Distinctive Name For Itself Not Only In Domestic Market But In Worldwide Scenario. As We All Know IT marketing Is Booming With Increase In technology & Awareness Regarding Technology Specially in Asian Countries Including India. In Terms Of International Market Apart From Asian Countries We Also See The Same Booming Life Cycle. If We See The Statics, The International IT market is having worth value of $800-$1000 billion dollars,
it is increasing by the annual rate of 5% CAGR, also domestic Indian IT market having worth value of $300 billion dollars and it is increasing at an annual rate of 7% CAGR.
In India, Its Very Reliable To Form An....

Advantages of mobile friendly websites

Present market is of Mobiles. Mobiles surfing is increasing day by day and hence the market of mobiles too. On that note it is a must have or necessary step to take in action is to make websites optimized for mobiles. It is necessary because of a number of reasons for which people use mobile phones in present date like for taking pictures, selfies, sending mails, social sites usage and last but not the least for internet surfing for their varied needs.

So decision of making mobile friendly website is a good decision and the advantages you will leverage from mobile optimized website are as follows :-

Enhances User experience