Reasons To Build Mobile App For Ecommerce Store

Smartphones are the most important part of our lives. From surfing the internet to using different apps for chatting with friends, shopping, and much more. The huge amount of traffic to the website is shifted to mobile devices so having a great mobile presence is very beneficial. The app of your business makes it easy for a user to buy your products anytime. Investing in Mobile App Development is essential to growing your online business. Here are some important reasons to build a mobile app for eCommerce Store.

 Most of the smartphone users spent 3-4 hour on using different apps. A mobile app is a great way to engage with the customers personally. With the help of a Mobile....

Reasons Behind The App Rejection At Apple App Store

Mobile apps have become the most important thing for our routine life as we spent most of our time to chat with others, play games or to shop online. Concurrently, the number of app stores also increased. Apart from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, there are many app stores where you can submit your application for users.

Each App store has its own rules, requirements, and guideline to allow developers to submit apps. If an app doesn't fulfill the requirements of the app store then the app could get rejected by the app store. It mostly happens with the Apple App Store because it expects much from the app than other app stores. You need to keep in m....

Microsoft Azure

Even when Microsoft Azure has taken a lot of people in its spell, there are still some, who are unaware of what it really is. This might sound weird to people who have gained a lot of help from it, but at the same time, some might be just waiting for someone to unveil the wonders of it.

So what is Microsoft Azure basically? It is an application platform, created by Microsoft, which is actually innovated for the public cloud. Azure is emerging rapidly into the industry by each passing day. In this piece of article, we will be sharing the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure, which will let you know about how wonderfully this platform can be the best ever IT management solution that yo....

Best Photoshop Plugins For Designers

Adobe Photoshop is the most famous and powerful designing software and undoubtedly the best choice. It provides complete tools to creative attractive designs easily. You can also different types of plugins to create amazing effects with images. There is a wide range of plugins available to add and use with Photoshop but some plugins are really different and deserve a try. These are some best Photoshop plugins for designers that can help them to create memorable designs.

Google Nik Collection
The Google's Nik Collection is an image editing plugin that you can use with the Adobe Photoshop. In addition, Viveza, Analog Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Silver Efe....

WordPress 4 7 Features and Benefits

WordPress includes all essential and great features that you need to create a fully-featured and dynamic website. Recently, Wordpress has made significant changes to make it more easy to use and secure. These updates majorly added to enhance the interactivity of the website. Here are some Wordpress 4.7 features:

Improve Post Editor
The post editor is the most useful and excessively used by everyone. After the frequent updates, it is finally got some major changes such as keyboard shortcuts in drop down and tool tips.

Video Header Support for Themes
Many free WordPress themes already suppo....