How to Set up Live Chat Plugin on WordPress Website

Live chat is a need to for many sites today especially e-commerce websites where individuals often have concerns before finishing purchases. Live chat on WordPress increases the customer support experience by providing timely answers, which can have a good effect on the organization to growing brand loyalty and product sales.

Using plugins, it’s simple to set up the live chat on Design & Development / by Read More..

PHP 7 New Features You Must Know

The power-packed PHP 7 version was initially released in 2015. There is a buzz around the community of web developers because the PHP 7 stable version recently released on January 4, 2018. Because of its amazing features and other capabilities, it became the first choice of every web developer. 

Now you’re definitely up to why PHP 7 is so popular and you will find solid reasons to upgrade. We want to share PHP 7 new features you must know which are:

The recent version of PHP has few bugs which made process bit a slow. With this upgrade PHP developers community brilliantly modified its codebase and decreased mem....

Tips to create engaging user experience design

Firstly, you must know the user experience design is about creating and adjusting the elements of a website in order to enhance user satisfaction. Its all about pleasing users when interacts with your website The better user experience increases the chance of retaining customers. The user-experience design became an integral part of every website, a web application and a mobile app. Whether it is a website or mobile app, a good user experience design is a necessity to engage users. Here are some tips to create engaging user experience design for your website.

You need to find out user types, which types ....

Most Useful Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

We know that owning a powerful LinkedIn profile behaves as an essential step in our steps towards career achievements, but a lot of us don’t seem to discover the time to enhance our LinkedIn reputation. There are a couple of simple changes you can build to your LinkedIn profile in fewer than an hour that will considerably boost your profile’s visibility.

No matter if you own a company profile or an individual profile web page on LinkedIn, it’s very essential to evaluate your user profile each and every few months or so to make sure that everything is up to date and as it should be on the user profile. Even so, it’s even more essential to ....

Free Tools For Front End Web Developers

A good web design the most important thing that you need to attract customers and interact with them. You need an eye-catching design for your website to get maximum business benefits. The front-end developers need tools that help developers to create a unique design in short period of time. Here we are sharing the most useful and free tools for front-end web developers. Choosing color according to the type of website is necessary and what if you can find specific colors at one place?  Let take a look at tools for finding colors.

ColorDrop: You can use this tools as a browser extension. It lets you drag a c....