Google AMP For WordPress Webpages

After the revolution of Smartphones and tablets, the mobile searches increased very fast. It becomes a necessity to make website light and fast. To speed up the websites that take too long to load Google announced Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP to deliver faster web browsing experience to the mobile users. You can call it Google's big step to beat Facebook's Instant Articles and apps that are offering users faster, more smooth web browsing. The websites which implemented AMP will appear on the top within a mobile browsing carousel.

WordPress is being used by the bloggers that write great content but not appear high on searches. If you want your WordPress website to appe....

Google proclaims partnership with WordPress

Google has done revolutionary updates to the web and it keeps doing it. Another step towards the progress of the web has been taken by the Google. Recently, Google announced a partnership with Wordpress. In their mission to make the web more useful and user-focused, healthy, and vibrant, Google join hands with the topmost content management system WordPress. Without any doubts, it is going to be the biggest tie-up of year. 

Here are some most important intents behind this partnership

Make the WordPress faster 
As WordPress is already a popular and the most preferred CMS and some changes can make it per....

Top JavaScript Frameworks in 2018

JavaScript is an integral part of websites and its popularity rising rapidly. JavaScript is also the most preferred platforms for Front-End Web Developers. JavaScript allows developers to add dynamic content to get accomplished in a webpage. The unique features of JavaScript made it the famous and it is also completely embraced by every web browser. To make everyone know about the most useful Javascript frameworks We have take suggestions from the developers to create a list. If you are still unsure about the beneficial JS Frameworks then our List of Top JavaScript Frameworks in 2018 will definitely help you to understand your priorities.....

Free Best Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Website SEO

Google released the Chrome browser in 2008 and it easily became the most favorite browser on the marketplace. Stats show more than 50 % of customers use Chrome on a regular basis.

Chrome has to turn out to be the world’s most well-known browser due to its speed and stability, but also due to new performance that was launched in 2010: The Chrome Web Store.

Although this new web browser ‘add-on’ strategy wasn’t the first in the industry, extensions have been a game changer that has permitted developers to make applications, themes and extensions for Chrome browser. This idea has the ability to add formerly unavailable performance to a Web browser ....

What is Google Tag Manager

The Google Tag Manager is basically a management system created by Google, allow users update desired tag and JavaScript snippets that transfer data to the third parties. It is initially released on 1st October 2012, to manage analytic tags. The Google Tag Manager can be used for both website and mobile apps. Mostly it is used to update tags for websites or mobile apps to analyze traffic. Not only this, but Google Tag Manager works with Firebase Analytics, Floodlight, AdWords, and obviously Google Analytics. With the help of user-interface of Google Tag Manager, you can edit tags easily instead of manually editing website code. 

Because of ....