Internet of Things A Brief Introduction

The term Internet of Things, also called the Internet of Everything is invented by Kevin Ashton. The Internet of Things or IoT is a system of connected devices, vehicles and other machines. It works on a concept of connecting many devices to the internet by assigning an IP address to each such as mobile phone, wearables, headphones, refrigerator, a fan, washing machine etc. Devices which are connected through the internet can collect and share data using installed sensors.

Real Life Examples of IoT
Smart thermostats: This smart device all....

Data Analytics through Big Data

Data Analytics is the method or more specifically a process of collecting and analyzing large data sets to discover accurate information. Big data Analytics mainly used by businesses for Market Trends, Customer Behaviour, Needs and Decisions, additional business information to make more precise business decisions. In Big Data Analytics, there is some specialized software application are developed to perform operations.

Best Big Data Analytics Tools


There are four types of Big Data Analytics

Predictive Data Analytics: - It recognizes earlier data patte....

What is Cloud Computing and its advantages

Cloud computing referred to saving and accessing data and applications across the Internet. A word Cloud used for the internet.
Simply the computing based on the internet is called cloud computing.

Before the rise of Cloud Computing, we control programs stored on a physical computer. Cloud Computing allows a user to run software from anywhere, anytime through the internet.
Chromebooks are the best example of cloud computing. Chromebooks uses cloud computing, it works on Chrome operating system and designed to perform most of the tasks through the internet. You must have an internet connection to access your apps or data.

These are main categories of Cloud....

What is Big Data and Its Applications

Big Data is a term which is used to represent a huge collection of regularly growing, structured and unstructured data sets. The volume of Data is too big, rapidly growing, and can't be captured, managed, or processed using regular data processing software applications. You must have latest technologies, architecture, and algorithms to manage Big Data.

Big data is the data which is defined by four properties
Volume: Data which is being stored from Terabytes to Exabytes of Data.
Velocity: The speed of data.
Variety: structured and unstructured data like Database records, social, photo, NoSQL Documents etc.
Value: Type of information.

What is GitHub and How To Use It

You have definitely heard about GitHub and it's awesome uses. Want to know more? Firstly, you need to know that what is GitHub?
GitHub is basically a website and repository hosting service. In GitHub, A Git is free source code management system, more specifically a distributed version control system. It is invented by named Linus Torvalds. He also created Linux operating system.

GitHub is a very useful platform for developers. With the help of GitHub, You can create & edit files, see changes in code which are made by other users, view previous versions of files. Your files are always available to access from anywhere.

Must Know GitHub terms