Instagrams Experiment with Black and White Layout

Every Social Media Marketing platform always does test and do experiments for providing a better user experience to its users on their platform. So this time Instagram has done some experiments with its layout.

Yes, Instagram is has made changes within its traditional look of blue and orange mix which are visible to its users after updating the app. It is an indication of its modernization. Not only with the color, Instagram is also available with some other changes like the icon of the camera in the midst now actually gives a resemblance of an actual camera and it is no longer a square shaped icon. Along with that the now comment option is simply available with a heart option.<....

Simple Tips To Increase Productivity

Productivity matters a lot. A productive person is the backbone of any organization as productivity leads to the growth of organization and person as well. So it is necessary to keep yourself productive in order to reach the new heights of success in professional and personal life as well. But as we all are aware about this fact that we are living the era of most hectic schedules. So how can one become productive, how can become more productive along with keeping focus on daily routine which is full of tasks related to professional and personal work as well.

If it is your question also then we are going to share tips for becoming more productive....

Best Digital Marketing Tools that Every Digital Marketer should Use

Digital Marketing is a vast term and there are number of different types of Marketing Terms comes under it for instance Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and so on. So in order to manage all the tasks efficiently at the same time is a tricky task but it can become an easier one. How?

Let me tell you how? You can make your task easier and efficient by employing the tools in your activities of digital marketing. As importance of tools can’t be denied as they saves time and “Time is money”. By saving that extra you can employ that some additional tasks.

So here I am going to share some tools which a digital marketer can ....

A Complete Guide to Understand the Digital and Online Reputation Management

Reputation plays an important role in everyone’s life whether it is offline or online. Reputation is the virtue by which people recognizes you. So in order to make good impression on others whether they are your relatives or your customers you should stay aware about it.

On that note we are going to share a guide for all of you, of course for online business owners on online reputation Management.

Online reputation management or ORM or digital reputation management all are the same which tell us about the reputation of an online business. In present date every individual has become digitalized and know and understand the power of Digital Media so it has become ea....

Latest SEO Techniques to Follow in 2016

Search engine optimization or SEO needs no description to explain it. The word itself describes it optimizing according to the search engines. All search engines have some specific criteria’s for ranking the online businesses in their search results and so as Google too. Every year it rolls out different sort of algorithms in order to make search results better and hence it can serve its user in the best way it can.

On that in order to stay ahead of the competition and competitors as well, it is really necessary to understand SEO methodically. And to get the results in SERPs (Search engine Result Pages). So here we are going to share some latest SEO techniques which you ca....