Free Handwriting Fonts for your Designer Tool kit

People generally ask what font I utilization to make my annotated code, so I discovered a roundup of the best hand-drawn fonts would confirm fairly handy. This post unit up to a variety of free handwriting fonts based on numerous handwriting designs. If you’re in require of a font to include a human touch to your design and style in the form of a note or an individual message, you can be confident you’ll find the ideal font in this selection.

Since we were provided the capability to create font choices over and above Helv....


Today all people use a smart phone but you do not know how many facilities are available on your phone and You will be happy to know how many facilities are available on your smart-phone. And smart-phone recently updated this list of handy tricks with how to access developer options how to get your phone to read to you.

The following features that you do not know on your smart-phone are as follows:

1.Voice search with the screen locked:-

Some people know this trick and some Android smart-phones have these features. You go to Voice Search and say "OK Google" will close your screen. To find out if your phone is able t....

Facebook Is Working On Its Private Facial Recognition System

Facebook is working on its personal facial recognition system. Based on a screenshot shared by a social media specialist, this function is in its testing stage right now. The facial recognition system is actually choosing up its pace in the tech industry just after a collection of eye scanners found in likes of Galaxy phones and most lately, Apple using facial recognition to replace fingerprint sensors in its future iPhone X.

If you get closed out of your Facebook profile, the function will support you restore access by using your face to validate your identity. That could be particularly useful if you’re somepla....

Business Management Guidelines for Freelancers in 2017

As we work out into 2017, you may have observed you're well-intended but focused New Year’s resolutions falling by the wayside as you get back into the movement of things.

The promises to make ‘better economical decisions’ is the 3rd most common New Year’s resolution out there. But presented that 92 percent of us fail to stay to any of the solutions we make, anything clearly isn’t working.

01. Keep individual and company money separate

If you run as a sole trader, the money you make from freelancing will land instantly into your personal bank account. While this is useful because it indicates you won’t ....

Well Liked HTML and CSS Editing Apps For Windows Designers Part 2

Our latest roundup of HTML and CSS editing apps for Mac users proven to be really favorite, but the Windows-based developers experienced a little left out. This week’s roundup pulls jointly the most favorite editing app alternatives for PC people.

These HTML & CSS editing apps for Windows users will support designers create standards-compliant web pages with the support of impressive tools characteristics such as live preview, agreement, live editing, HTL5 support, drag and drop methods, FTP editing, trouble-shooting, browser assistance, auto-completion functions, and more

Here are the lists of best editing apps. Select your favorite editing app from ....