Top 5 Most Popular Messenger Applications for Android Mobile

In this Digital world, There are so many trends are most popular in youngsters life.But one of the most popular and most likable is an instant messing so everyone wants a best messaging app for it.

How much time did you spend with your smartphone? I can say that most of the time you use to chat with your friends or family and use messaging apps for that.

There are lots of messaging apps available on the play store that you can user at daily basis. Some most popular apps are WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Hangout, Skype, IMO, and many more. The basic features of a messenger app are to allow a user to send text, images, audio, and video files to other user....

Most Popular Android App for Online Payments

Digital India is a campaign announced by the Govt. of India to make sure that Govt services are made accessible to citizens electronically by the convalescent online assistance and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally enabled in the field of technology.

In the term of digital india campaign govt of India turn off all the payment to cash less payment.cashless payment means, individual pay any amount using a debit card, credit card or net banking.Nowadays there are lots of others way for make payment online but you need to ensure that all the payment gateway offer how much security for your funds and personal details.

Here are the lists ....

Reasons To Build Mobile App For Ecommerce Store

Smartphones are the most important part of our lives. From surfing the internet to using different apps for chatting with friends, shopping, and much more. The huge amount of traffic to the website is shifted to mobile devices so having a great mobile presence is very beneficial. The app of your business makes it easy for a user to buy your products anytime. Investing in Mobile App Development is essential to growing your online business. Here are some important reasons to build a mobile app for eCommerce Store.

Most of the smartphone users spent 3-4 hour on using different apps. A mobile app is a great way to engage with the customers personall....

Amazon SEO How to Improve Product Ranking on Amazon

Everyone knows that the Google is the biggest search engine but if you are going to search a product maybe you will choose amazon. According to the surveys, Amazon is the first choice for product search. If you own an eCommerce Store or want to sell your products online then you should perform Amazon SEO to improve your product ranking. You need to understand some basic factors to do Amazon SEO in order to improve product ranking. You need to optimize your product listing according to the user's intent to get your product to be seen on Amazon. To get more profit, Amazon rank high product that will help them generating more benefits.

Like Google, Amazon also ....

Advantages of Using Firebase For App Development

Firebase the latest platform which has effective tools to develop Mobile and Web Applications. It is founded by Andrew Lee and James Tamplin in September 2011. It is the fully featured platform for App Development. It is build to help developers to share various features between cross-platform apps related Database, Config, and Notifications. You can perform various complex operation easily with firebase to build high-quality and bug-free apps for Android, iOS, and The Web. With Firebase, you can integrate authentication functionality in application, create storage functionality for an app to collect and store pictures, audio, and video without using server-side code.

Here are s....