How To Edit Sketch Files On Windows

A sketch is the most popular designing software which works on Mac operating systems.  Becuase of it's dedicated graphic design features it becomes the first choice for designers but it doesn't work on the most common operating systems like Windows. It's a perfect alternative to photoshop as most of the work become easy with its features and user-focus interface.

Rather than shifting to another os like Mac you can go with the Lunacy. Yes!! Lunacy is the best solution for people who want to use sketch files in the Windows operating system.  Lunacy is a free software that allows you to run sketch files in windows. Here you are going to learn ....

How to Become a Successful Freelancer

Growing to be a successful freelancer is the fast and inexpensive way to get started earning an income from home. Particularly if you freelance an expertise you already have, you can get started providing your services these days.

What Is a Freelancer?

A freelancer is an individual who provides their expert services for a fee and generally with no expectation of a long-term a single client, while the working relationship can be on-going. It's a type of self-employment, related to working a home business compared to telecommuting.

With that claimed, a freelancer can work as a specialist, as compared to a home business. 

Free Plagiarism Checker Tools to Secure Website from Google Penalty

In the digital marketing era, Everyone knows that the content is king in term of SEO (Search Engine Marketing). If the website has well-written article then it will boost the chance to rank fast in SERP. But in terms of duplicate content, your website may be penalized by Google or it not can be rank in SERP. If you want to face this types of any issue in the website content then you need some effective duplicate content checker tools to neglect the duplicate content issue. In This article, we would like to share some most popular free or paid duplicate content checker/ Free plagiarism check tools which can support you to resolve the duplicate content issue for your website and also helps ....

Android Oreo Go Edition - OS for Low End Smartphones

There are more than 2 Billion Android users worldwide and a number of low-end or budget android devices is very high. The userbase of Android in India is more than the US. Now Google wants to expand their reach and connect with these users with their Android Oreo Go Edition. The basis of Android Oreo Go is to create a lighter or optimized version of Android Oreo so that it can run fast on smartphones with less than 1 GB of RAM. 

What makes Android Oreo Go Edition run fast on the low-end devices?

Budget android devices have less RAM, internal storage, and processor so changes have been done in the Android Oreo Go Edition which made....

Top 5 Free Online Image Compression Tools

Images play an important role in any website. If anyone wants to develop an eye-catching website then you need HD images for the website but in term of website loading speed of the website, the HD images will increase website loading speed and also increase bounce rate, which will surely be harmful to the SEO of your website. After that you want to add HD images without losing the image quality and incresing the site loading time then we can comprise the image through some online images editor tools. So today in this article we would like to share some most popular image compression tools which are so helpful for you to reduce the image size without losing the image quality for the websit....