Tips for Optimize your BlogSpot blog and make it SEO Friendly

SEO is the most important thing for all bloggers and its better understanding is so beneficial for boost your blogspot blog. Now a days every blogger want that his/her blog getting more popularity in digital marketing world but without perfect on page optimization it’s not possible. Recently I am getting lots of question in web search result page related to (“How to optimize my blogspot blog in easy way”) optimization blogs tips after reading this types of msg I thing that I can help you to share my experience with your .So in this blog post I will mention step by step on page optimization tips for blogspot blog/blogger blog.

Here is step by step guideline for ....

Importance of Meta Description in SERP

People who listen to the term “Meta description” for the first time believe it is something related to programming and it appears complex. However, this supposition is totally complete opposite of the characteristics of Meta Description and what they plan to do. Before we talk about the value of a good Meta Description, let’s begin with basic principles.

What is Meta Description?

The HTML attribute that helps web pages to briefly determine the nature of their material is called Meta Description. When you look for something on Search engines, below the titles, it reveals a short information of the website. That is Meta Description. As ....

4 Dangerous Rel Canonical Problems Based on Crawling and its Solution

SEO technical audit is the best technique to increase your website’s performance in the senses of search engines. However, this technique has numerous rel canonical issues. Here are specifics on the same and some probable solutions. Top SEO service firms in Indore have long detained that making sure that the search engines do not confuse the numerous website URLs is essential to avoid duplicate effects.

There are a lot issues that come with producing of rel canonical by search engines. Some of these involve:

•           Many-to-one URL canonicalization

•    ....

Most Useful Free Server Monitoring Tools

There are so many wonderful and fantastic server monitoring tools are available in the internet some are 100 % free while some are costly. But in this selection we are presenting 7 100 % free and excellent server tracking resources. So when you use this selection you always make sure that your website is available for your users or it functioning properly.


All these resources are 100 % free so you can easily obtain without charge. We hope that this record turns out to be the best for you. All these power resources are easy to use and saving time. You can share this record with your friends as well and also let us know what you think about this collection. Here i....

Free Content Writing Applications for Better Communication

It’s not too hard to find a word processing program these days that comes with a built-in spell checking utility. In fact, many of them will check your spelling in real time as you type out those words on the screen. That’s very handy, but spelling all your words correctly is only one small part of what makes for good writing. If I were to say that there are many other parts, the spell checker wouldn’t pick that up as a mistake.

To additional explain and increase what you are attempting to communicate, it could be an excellent idea to use some of the writing applications listed below. They go beyond very simple dictionary-fueled spelling to discover improv....