Free Content Writing Applications for Better Communication

It’s not too hard to find a word processing program these days that comes with a built-in spell checking utility. In fact, many of them will check your spelling in real time as you type out those words on the screen. That’s very handy, but spelling all your words correctly is only one small part of what makes for good writing. If I were to say that there are many other parts, the spell checker wouldn’t pick that up as a mistake.

To additional explain and increase what you are attempting to communicate, it could be an excellent idea to use some of the writing applications listed below. They go beyond very simple dictionary-fueled spelling to discover improv....

How to boost your WordPress Site Speed

There is undoubtedly that a website rate issues a lot in on page SEO. Greater plenty of an opportunity to start your website, less the opportunity of position, no matter how good you are in additional aspects. Will waiting around for a website to start if it requires long to open? If you ask me, my response is no, I will not delay for a website to start which requires little longer to start. Search engines positions those webpages relatively higher on SERP whose running time is quicker and you will lose your guests. If you are a beginner to writing a blog and SEO, you might be unacquainted with this fact. On this article, I will discuss about using your WordPress website rate.


Social Media Image Sizes Guide for 5 top Social Media Networks

Now a day’s social media is an extremely visible medium and the attractive images are most important part of your social media preference .Social media cover images are great for conveying brand values, importance a current campaign, or offerring what your company has to offer. To optimize your social profile ,you have make sure that the pictures you are using to signify your brand are the highest quality and the ideal fit for the various social networks. These days image should not only attract visitors but must be interesting enough to convince the audience to share and distribute it across social networks platform.

In this article, you will get the quick tips about soci....

Effective Change to SERP-Google increases the limit of title and Description

Good news for all SEO guys.

If you are search engine optimization marketer then this news for you. Because Google has made effective change to his search engine result page by extending the limit of Meta Title and Meta Description. This was first identified by Ross hudgens on twitter, and later described on by Jennifer Slegg at The SEM Post.

Here what the changes made by Google in SERP.

The first most important change made by Google in title tag. Google has increase the length of Meta Title Before this change the title tag limit is 50 to 60 characters. But the new title length is 70 characters before Google will show the title with ellipses (…).  ....


It’s not a trouble-free to make infographics without the skills of the graphics and the guidelines. Infographics is the way to style your thoughts information into the visual reflection which like to see everyone and Infographic enables you to signify simple to complicated information framework easily. Nowadays infographics are the need of every company to provide the businesses, marketing techniques. Infographics are also used for the training and learning objective and sometimes student require presenting their venture with the other at that time they can use the online infographic resources.

Infograph is used everywhere like guides and journal, news document, marketing,....