Top Android Developer Tools

There are lots of benefits of being an Android Developer as it offers numerous opportunities for developers. Even a beginner android developer can build a basic android app and publish it on the Google Play Store. Currently, this open platform is being used by the millions of users worldwide. If you want to learn android app development then you can begin with android by gaining the basic knowledge of Java. The good thing is that there are also loads of Android developer tools are available that will make app development easier. These tools are increasing day by day and more effective so let have a look at some important tools to start creating your own A....

How to Hire an Ideal App Development Company

If you are preparing to build an app for your online business, the main thing you require to do is discover the right company for the work. Finding the ideal mobile/iPhone app development company is as important as developing the application itself.

The performance of your business mobile application will have a primary impact on the overall performance and market popularity of your organization. Therefore, it is essential to discover and hire the perfect app development agency that has the expertise to realize your requirements and the skills to develop the perfect mobile application.

When you go out browsing for a Applications / by Read More..

Awesome Android Tips and Tricks

Using the latest version of Android is always a good thing for both user and device. The new version of device's operating system is launched with lots of bug fixes, extend support for advanced android apps & included various user-oriented features. Today we are sharing these awesome android tips & tricks that you can use to make better use of your smartphone.

Every user wants to do multitasking in their like listing songs and playing games simultaneously. Flynx is very useful & amazing app that will take your multitasking to the next level. While browsing the internet on a browser, you can tap on any link to load it in a bub....


Today all people use a smart phone but you do not know how many facilities are available on your phone and You will be happy to know how many facilities are available on your smart-phone. And smart-phone recently updated this list of handy tricks with how to access developer options how to get your phone to read to you.

The following features that you do not know on your smart-phone are as follows:

1.Voice search with the screen locked:-

Some people know this trick and some Android smart-phones have these features. You go to Voice Search and say "OK Google" will close your screen. To find out if your phone is able t....

Must Have Features For Best Android App Design

It is a universally known truth that Android has covered the smartphone market and competition between the Android App Development Companies has also increased. Day after day app design gets updates and changes to be easier for users. A good Android App Design is the only way to get the attention of the audience. An Android App with a good UX Design is the best way to place your on good positive at Google Play Store. So, if you want to Design Android Apps with enjoyable and attractive....