How to connect Instagram account to a Facebook Business Page

If you want to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook business page. But don't have an idea how to connect both pages easily then this article is so useful for you. Because in this article we will share step by step guide how you can easily connect your both account with each other.

You can merge an Instagram account with a Facebook Page you are an administrator or publisher on. Adding an Instagram account to your Facebook Page will enable you to create Instagram ads in Power Editor or Ads Manager without the need to connect your Instagram accou....

9 Most Powerful Tip for Improve Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog or Website

Looking for more social networking visitors from your blog or website to become an effective blog writer, here are some of effective and useful tips that will turn more traffics. Your all best images may be overlooked a great number of visitors for being not aware about providing time in developing high-quality images and trip those awesome content on pinterest. Actually it is an excellent way for operating on your weblog website being raised and making huge visitors on your website. So let’s know the ways of operating on your pinterest visitors being developed for better uses.

Here is the Best Tips for increase pinterest traffic to your blog or website

Instagrams Experiment with Black and White Layout

Every Social Media Marketing platform always does test and do experiments for providing a better user experience to its users on their platform. So this time Instagram has done some experiments with its layout.

Yes, Instagram is has made changes within its traditional look of blue and orange mix which are visible to its users after updating the app. It is an indication of its modernization. Not only with the color, Instagram is also available with some other changes like the icon of the camera in the midst now actually gives a resemblance of an actual camera and it is no longer a square shaped icon. Along with that the now comment option is simply available with a heart option.<....

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Laws to Help Attract New Customers

Every business marketing offline as well as online needs efforts for its success so how one can get success and stay ahead of its competition in this competitive world. If you are also probing for the same question then social media marketing is the answer to your question. But before going to begin social media marketing for your own business, you should make yourself about some laws of the perfect social media marketing.

So here are the laws of social media marketing you should follow by keeping them in mind for SMM and SMO of your business:-

The Law of Listening:-

As it is a well-known proverb that a good listener can become a good speaker....

5 Ways To Make Your YouTube Videos Viral And Go Viral

Videos are the most powerful medium of conveying some message in front of audience whether it is commercial or non-commercial. On that it is necessary to know the basics of going viral and is also necessary to understand how video goes viral in order to make your commercial or non-commercial video viral online on various platforms including YouTube, Facebook etc.

As every business wants to come in the categories of the company which have a list of viral YouTube videos, top viral videos, YouTube best Videos, top viewed YouTube videos, YouTube Popular videos or top 10 YouTube Videos  in order to achieve a brand identity.