Google proclaims partnership with WordPress

Google has done revolutionary updates to the web and it keeps doing it. Another step towards the progress of the web has been taken by the Google. Recently, Google announced a partnership with Wordpress. In their mission to make the web more useful and user-focused, healthy, and vibrant, Google join hands with the topmost content management system WordPress. Without any doubts, it is going to be the biggest tie-up of year. 

Here are some most important intents behind this partnership

Make the WordPress faster 
As WordPress is already a popular and the most preferred CMS and some changes can make it per....

Useful Android Apps For Designers

Smartphones and apps have changed the way of people work. You can book movie tickets, pay your bills, chat with people, shop online and much more. People using apps to reduce their time to complete the work and save time for other activities. So, designers can also use it perform a different kind of work to expand their creativity and design something amazing without wasting so much time. What if a designer can use design and creativity tools on their smartphone. These Android apps can be used to get sketching ideas & creating new designs and more. Today we are going to share the list of useful android apps for designers

Did you know that the tools th....

Top Websites to Download Free Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great option for people who don't like to read books to study or know something new. Most people use audiobooks to revise what they already read the books. It helps a lot to remember and strengthen much more information. If you are searching for a website where you can find a great collection of free audio books then you are on the right way. Today, We are sharing the list of top websites to download free audiobooks.
This website is a non-profit source which offers a great collection of free audiobooks. You can download free audiobooks, music, from the more 300 billion, archived web pages. You can also se....

Android Oreo Go Edition - OS for Low End Smartphones

There are more than 2 Billion Android users worldwide and a number of low-end or budget android devices is very high. The userbase of Android in India is more than the US. Now Google wants to expand their reach and connect with these users with their Android Oreo Go Edition. The basis of Android Oreo Go is to create a lighter or optimized version of Android Oreo so that it can run fast on smartphones with less than 1 GB of RAM. 

What makes Android Oreo Go Edition run fast on the low-end devices?

Budget android devices have less RAM, internal storage, and processor so changes have been done in the Android Oreo Go Edition which made....

Latest Feature of IOS 11 For Developers

There was lots of buzz about the IOS 11 since it is introduced on 5 June 2017. It is released publically on 19 September 2017 and also some updated provided to fix the earpiece noise. It came with the lots of user-centric design changes in interface and app features. Some important changes like bold fonts and more darker lines unlike the older version of IOS. Every element of IOS 11 is upgraded for the user-experience for sure. But, there are also some important changes has been made in IOS which every developer should know.

It is the most popular function of the IOS which manages user interaction such as voice and language recognition. Apple has....