Android Oreo Go Edition - OS for Low End Smartphones

There are more than 2 Billion Android users worldwide and a number of low-end or budget android devices is very high. The userbase of Android in India is more than the US. Now Google wants to expand their reach and connect with these users with their Android Oreo Go Edition. The basis of Android Oreo Go is to create a lighter or optimized version of Android Oreo so that it can run fast on smartphones with less than 1 GB of RAM. 

What makes Android Oreo Go Edition run fast on the low-end devices?

Budget android devices have less RAM, internal storage, and processor so changes have been done in the Android Oreo Go Edition which made....

Latest Feature of IOS 11 For Developers

There was lots of buzz about the IOS 11 since it is introduced on 5 June 2017. It is released publically on 19 September 2017 and also some updated provided to fix the earpiece noise. It came with the lots of user-centric design changes in interface and app features. Some important changes like bold fonts and more darker lines unlike the older version of IOS. Every element of IOS 11 is upgraded for the user-experience for sure. But, there are also some important changes has been made in IOS which every developer should know.

It is the most popular function of the IOS which manages user interaction such as voice and language recognition. Apple has....

Free Social Share Bars and Overlays for WordPress

If you can’t find out how to get additional followers on social sites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s time to change your technique.

The difficult truth is that no one’s proceeding to visit your Facebook page (or any social page for that matter) just due to the fact you made one. In some cases, all you need is a call to action. Other times individuals are more prepared to follow your Pinterest or Instagram if they see that a promotion is connected to the offer.

Here are the lists of selected best social Share Bars and Overlays for Wordpress Website or Blog:-

1. Share This by Filament – Free


Facebook Is Working On Its Private Facial Recognition System

Facebook is working on its personal facial recognition system. Based on a screenshot shared by a social media specialist, this function is in its testing stage right now. The facial recognition system is actually choosing up its pace in the tech industry just after a collection of eye scanners found in likes of Galaxy phones and most lately, Apple using facial recognition to replace fingerprint sensors in its future iPhone X.

If you get closed out of your Facebook profile, the function will support you restore access by using your face to validate your identity. That could be particularly useful if you’re somepla....

Coogle - Manageable Collaborative Mind Maps

Coggle is work online in your browser and online tool for creating and sharing you visualize information, brainstorm, solve problems, study, and share information in mind maps. and nothing to download or install. it is super simple to visualize your ideas with Coggle

there are several techniques for sharing your mind maps.

1.Real-time Collaboration

share your friends and colleagues to work with you at the same time on your diagrams

2. Save Every Change

Look through all the changes to a diagram and make a copy from any point to revert to a previous version.

3.Multiple Starting Points

Add multiples items to your diagrams ....