What is Creative Commons

Creative Commons is an American non-profit organization founded by Lawrence Lessig, Hal Abelson, and Eric Eldred in 2001. The aim is to make sharing of work systematically so they have created Creative Commons licenses. So they issued some copyright-licenses acknowledged as Creative Commons licenses to the public for free. It simplifies the use of content licensed with one of those licenses from Creative Commons.

You can understand it with this example if want people to use your copyright work, you can share it in a public domain. keep in mind that the work entered in the public domain cant'be reclaim it. You can add a license which explains limitations of u....

Microsoft Azure

Even when Microsoft Azure has taken a lot of people in its spell, there are still some, who are unaware of what it really is. This might sound weird to people who have gained a lot of help from it, but at the same time, some might be just waiting for someone to unveil the wonders of it.

So what is Microsoft Azure basically? It is an application platform, created by Microsoft, which is actually innovated for the public cloud. Azure is emerging rapidly into the industry by each passing day. In this piece of article, we will be sharing the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure, which will let you know about how wonderfully this platform can be the best ever IT management solution that yo....

Why Cloud Hosting Service beneficial for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the most important thing for any website after all the website position on a search engine, clicks, and the number of visitors depends on SEO. There are an also other important things apart from the common SEO techniques. If you want to take a big step in order to improve SEO of your website then you should definitely switch to cloud hosting.

Here are some major benefits of Cloud Hosting Services for SEO

Doubled Website Loading Speed

Website loading speed became a very important after the indication of Google webmaste....

What is Apache Hadoop

If you know that what is Big Data then understanding Hadoop is not difficult for you. Hadoop is open-source software which developed by Apache corporation. It can store and analyze structured and unstructured large data sets called "Big Data". The Apache Hadoop is baked with immense power to process Big Data. A Hadoop Developer should have knowledge of major programming languages like Java, and SQL.

Hadoop allows distributed processing of huge data sets over clusters of computers more effectively than the conventional enterprise data warehouse. The core part of Apache Hadoop is composed of a storage which is recognized as Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). Hadoop b....

Internet of Things A Brief Introduction

The term Internet of Things, also called the Internet of Everything is invented by Kevin Ashton. The Internet of Things or IoT is a system of connected devices, vehicles and other machines. It works on a concept of connecting many devices to the internet by assigning an IP address to each such as mobile phone, wearables, headphones, refrigerator, a fan, washing machine etc. Devices which are connected through the internet can collect and share data using installed sensors.

Real Life Examples of IoT
Smart thermostats: This smart device all....